Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#Movie NEWS! FANT4STIC trailer

Yes. You read that right, FANT4STIC!

20th Century Fox just released the trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Check it out:

The film is directed by Josh Trank and stars Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell and it will be apparently released this year, on August 7. (They sure took their sweet time showing us anything.. Feeling a bit underwhelmed by the film, Fox?)

I know fanboys and trolls are already up in arms about the casting. "Bla bla bla, making Johnny Storm white yadda yadda", but I actually see some other more important issues here. Yes, either Johnny or Sue are gonna be adopted in this version (and IS THERE a problem with that? people actually do get adopted in real life, ya know?!) And I would have honestly prefered Sue Storm to also/instead be black. And why not? I just see Hollywood ashamed/fearing an interracial couple with Reed and Sue as the end game. And yes, it doesn't feel as fun as an actual Marvel film like a Fantastic Four film should, and the family aspect doesn't really appear to be the main theme here. BUT the real problem is.. that Doctor Doom, one of Marvel's biggest and best villains will be portrayed as a hacker in this film!!! I mean, really?? Come on!!

(In a way, I feel like making Reed Richards Afrian American would have been a lot more interesting to explore, I mean the actual personality of Johnny Storm is nothing new as far as "Hollywood" casting goes. Think about it!)

I loved the immensely original and fun Akira Chronicle. Love Josh Trank. But this looks pretty generic if you ask me. Like random blockbuster generic, controversies aside.

(Also, check this out:


My expectations are honestly pretty low for this...


  1. I got no Fantastic Four vibe out of this. Say what you will about the Ant-Man trailer, but I got Ant-Man out of that. This one felt like a possibly decent sci-fi movie, just not Fantastic Four. Where's the family dynamic? Where's the flashy baddies? Where's the Flash Gordon-esque adventures in space and time? AND WHY DO THAT TO DOOM?!

    (Johnny, I would think I'd have a hard time connecting the two, as he's forever etched in my head as a cocky blond teenager, it'll be hard to change that mindset)

    It'll probably not do well as a Fantastic Four adaptation (seriously. The only good one we got was season 2 of the 90s cartoon. Why can't anybody adapt the Fantastic Four well at all?) but something tells me it might do better with the casual audience who have no idea who these characters are.

    1. I thought Pixar's Incredibles was the best FF adaptation in ages :P