Wednesday, February 4, 2015

#Marvel NEWS! Marvel's Daredevil teaser trailer

Finally Marvel released their first trailer for their new take on Daredevil, the upcoming Netflix series!

....Mmmmh.. Looks decent. The look and the tone are certainly ok.

Hopefully he will get his red costume later on.. Pretty please? Oh...


  1. It's shaping up nicely so far. Better episodic than movie length, at least.

    It seems like teasers for the first episode, so he might get the costume later. And to be fair, he is a blind man. How will he design a costume unless somebody else does it for him?

    1. Never let reality get in the way of fiction!
      Why is a blind man even fighting crime in the first place?

      Also it's part of the character, or else we're left with the Daredevil from the Hulk movie all over again!
      Some design aesthatics are just part of the character (like the little horns on his mask), if they ashamed of that they should just have made a Ronin mini-series or something. It's part of the design, they should stick with it: