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RR Chris D'Elia - White Male Black Comic

Chris D'Elia sure seems to love laughing at his own jokes!

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Title: White Male Black Comic 
Comedian Chris D'Elia 
Release date 2013
Genre Stand-up Comedy CD and DVD set

A stand-up comedian and actor from Los Angeles, Chris D'Elia is mostly known nowadays for his role on the 2013 NBC sitcom Whitney.

Chris D'Elia is from an Italian family, he's the son of TV producer Bill D'Elia. He has been acting for quite a while actually, he's made a career first in straight-to-video films and writing scripts.

He has only been doing stand-up comedy for a living since 2006. Something he always had a huge passion for. Following his debut he went on doing a lot of shows for Comedy Central.

White Male Black Comic is his first comedy special. It aired in 2013 on CC, and it was actually directed by his own father!

It has since been released in this above two-disc CD/DVD set - which was a nice gesture from Comedy Central since it really helps the enjoyment of this special. You can only really get most of his performance through video, you need to be able to see him to get most from his humor. But the comedy album's just as good for repeats.

White Male Black Comic was shot in New Orleans. Which is perfectly appropriate since he can tie that directly into a first fun segment about drinking to open the special.

He talks about drunk woman, does some impressions. It drags a little bit too long, but he really seems to be doing this for his own fun, making himself laugh first and foremost. He then proceeds with some observations on girls and their use of the word "random".

He has a pretty funny bit on homophobia.

At this point he is forced to make a great answer back to some heckler in the audience who thought he was really improving his show by interacting with the comedian on stage, when it's only really fuckin' it up for everyone.

He talks about lovemaking. How British and Black dudes are the best at hitting on girls. Black Dudes laughing. Next up he makes fun of other people, one of his friends always acting "gangsta".

Finally he closes the show with a bit about growing up Catholic, how creepy Church can be. "The only thing creepier than eating a dude’s body is pretending to eat a dude’s body." A pretty hilarious and memorable closer.

His humor is mostly aimed at the college crowd audience, I would say. It's loud, and it's fast-paced. He has a lot of presence on stage.

He also plays into gender-stereotypes and the usual racial jokes. Comparing both sides on topics like sex, romance, drinking, etc. Some of his material manage to score a few really fun observations and the rest tends to revolve around the more traditional generic bits you've already heard a thousand times.

Overall, Chris D'Elia is a really funny guy. This first hour special shows how talented he can be, and his great delivery easily shows he could really become a lot more with some better material.

Chris D'Elia is a very underrated talented comedian.

As the title implies, he can hit some dark humor in a few

bits while he also tries to use the voice of your usual black comedians these days.

Where it can seem a bit too much at times is whenever he lets his bits fail to the cheaper laughs, the overdone gender clichés you already heard countless times (and better played with in the hands of other comedians). What I really like with him is his tone very much in the style of open mics, which is always fun.

This comedy special is Recommended for any comedy fans out there looking for something fun, nothing special or unique without having to think too much about comedy. Simple decent fun.

I give it:

2 / 3 Urkels!

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