Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#Anime NEWS! New new DBZ movie

Listen TOEI, as huge a Dragon Ball nerd I was growing up, back in the daym you guys need to slow down pumping out this new DBZ material. I mean, the series was finished for so many decades. It felt complete. And was simply over.

And now it's not feeling "special" anymore, what with all these new specials, OVAs, and now movies!

Anyways - here's the trailer for Dragonball Z - Fukkatsu no F (aka "F Is for Resurrection"). Check it out:

I like the idea of a full scale war/attack on Earth by these alien foes, but I dunno.. not feeling it. The continuity from the last movie in which Songoku fought "God" basically, is nice though.

...And did Freezer (I refuse to call him Frieza...) just turn super saiyan there?? Woah, wait a minute...!!

(Also I noticed a ton of American fanboys complaining about the Japanese dub online.. what's up with that? Listen, guys, you got Dragon Ball, like, really late on and your complete change of the score basically ruined the series in my eyes.. and you still complain about the original voice acring?? That's like me complaining that the original voices of the actors on Lost is inferior to the French dub! blah...)

Source: Kotaku


  1. Even when they're all actually written by Toriyama himself? I dunno, that aspect itself makes it more exciting for me a bit more, and I did like his last two outings a lot. (When will we get Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! on DVDs out here?) And making a story every 2 or so years probably benefits him better than a weekly format. I also think it was Dragon Ball Evolution's fault for being bad, as this ended up as his way of going "No, THIS is what Dragon Ball's about!"

    Seems like an incredibly ironic form when you think about the whole Golden Form. Good effort for training for the first time ever.

    Also, JACO!

    1. My favorite of these NuDB was the first one, the special with Table (Taburu?). That one was fun.
      And, hey, as much as I love Toriyama, doesn't mean the man can't make a mistake or two! Look at Ridley Scott with Prometheus. In their old age, they seem to run out of steam and onyl rely on past successes...

      As much as I loved Neko Maji and Jaco the Patrolman, the story of this new DB film was pretty weak... Even the humor seemed like a cheaper copy of Table's special.

      I see what they're doing with Freezer. Giving him a "Super Saiyan" form of his own, which also works as a modest superform in mirror to Goku's recent "God Saiyan" form... but at the end of the day, it just looks cheap... I kinda prefered if he had gotten a Cooler-styled 5th form...

      And I'm sure the one we do not talk about *cough*DBEvolution*cough* was at least partially responsible for kicking back this new wave of new DB material. At least there's that.

      But a movie a year? That's too much.. One every 5 or so years, sure, why not.

    2. Oh, and side comment. My own ranking, since I doubt I will write this in a proper blog post entry:

      (only counting this recent new material, not older original stuff up to DBGT's excellent special episode)
      - Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! (My favorite! It was just so fun to see all the characters back at the time - I didn't expect we would get to see them back so many more times after that... Plus it had a fun humourous classic Dragon Ball-vibe to it)
      - Episode of Bardock (super silly and dumb.. but I liked it if anything it made a fun time loop Terminator 1-style that implied Bardock was both the first SSJ and the one from the legendary SSJ tale)
      - Battle of Gods (as slick, modern and fast-paced as it was.. it was way too long for very little story.. the God-cat-guy was a fun idea but why did he only manifest himself by that point in the chrnology? and it was basically Table's above special stretched over 2 hours)
      - the Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans remake (never liked much the original, like a big dumb fanservice bonus video, as it was intended to be. I actually prefer the new remastered recut, but it's still dumb)

      I expect the new film to be even more fanservice and not bringing anything new up to the table (no pun intended) than Battle of Gods. Also.. Freezer? Again?.. Blah...

    3. Much as I love Battle of Gods as well, I can still see the criticisms. Just a fun romp of a reunion with everybody with a bit of action, but yeah, it was already done 5 years before in shorter form. They did take criticism from that film and applied it to the next one, I heard. (More action and tension and stuff). Plus, Beerus and Whis were fun characters and a different movie ending was refreshing (we didn't have those since the first to Tenkaichi Budokai tournaments)

      Freeza's a super popular villain (and in my opinion, probably the better big bads) I can see why, even if a new villain might be better. I was expecting a completely new look, too, but eh, what can ya do? And also because Toriyama was listening to Maximum the Hormone's [F], he thought "Hey, why not?" As to why it's called Revival of F and the song was put in the movie. I'm very trivia laden.

    4. Actually I'm fine with Beerus. He wasn't just exactly in the best movie to be introduced with.
      And a cat deity overseeing the entire DB Universe actually makes sense when you think about... (Are "Neko Majins" somewhat related to him?? I'm gonna pretend that yes, since I have no problem with Neko Majin or Dr Slump taking place in the same universe, unlike serious fanboys out there - not you)

      I wouldn't expect any less know-how and trivia from an expert like you ;)

      I'm fine with a returning villain - to a point. I mean, it's already the 3rd or 4th time he's returning only to be destroyed (I mean, what kind of ending should we expect). And yes, I'm counting GT (for all the complaints and whatnot, it's still as much part of the series then all this recent material, you either only count the manga, the original anime, or all the other stuff). And that time he returned as a clone in PtEtS.

      That's just me I'm sure, but I always preferred classic villains like the Red Ribbon Army, Picollo or the later Buu. I've seen the Freezer and Cell saga too many times, on TV as a kid, in video games, Kai, etc.. I'm tired of these two (once awesome) villains.