Thursday, April 2, 2015

#DEADPOOL News! - it's gonna be R-Rated

Although I don't personally consider Deadpool comics "R-Rated" (and believe me - I've read 'em all!!), Ryan Reynolds was finally able to confirm the film's gonna be rated R!

After telling fans for a while he was fighting for it:

The April Fools turned out to be confirming it as a PG-13 film in this following interview...

... before Deadpool himselkf stepping in!

And YES, that's Ryan Reynolds in the costume! Man, that costume looks s-weet!! Pretty close to the look from the video game, don't you think? Man, this game really helped Deadpool get mainstream and now finally get this movie rollin'.

Hopefully it will clean the bad taste from his appearance in Wolverine Origins.

By the way, is that only me or is that the closest to a comic book design we've ever got so far, counting all interpretations of Batman, Avengers and whatnot?

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