Monday, April 27, 2015

#Gaming NEWS! New Arkham Knight trailer

Are you hyped for Batman: Arkham Knight?

To be honest, I wasn't much really. That might just be because I don't have a "next gen" system yet. But this new trailer looks quite promising, it shows Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing back, directly implicated into the main storyline this team and not just the challenge maps. Plus there's a whole new gameplay element allowing you to jump from a character to another:

I kinda fear the game's adding way too many new features, they might not polish everything at this rate. (What with the playable Batmobile, etc.)

Anyone else find this awful new Robin design way too reminiscent of Chris O’Donnell Robin in Batman Forever or is it just me?? And what's with Nightwing's huge domino mask? At least it's not the ugly New 52 red one...

Where's Batgirl though? And I know Babs' Oracle in this game, but why not use Cassandra Cain, she would be perfect in this universe!!!

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