Monday, April 27, 2015

Sad #Gaming NEWS! Silent Hills no more

About time I wrote this - Did you folks heard about Kojima being fired from Konami? Of course you heard that.

What a sad day it is. I mean, over the last few years, all my favorite gaming studios have either closed down (Neversoft, SNK..), been shut down (LucasArts, Sierra), forced to go under restructuration under new publishers (Sega-Sammy..) and basically been turned into something completely different from their former self (Capcom, and now Konami).

A lot of my favorite creators have left their respective studios (mostly at Capcom) to go form their own independent studios (those same guys now mostly at Platinum Games, Suda and his Grasshopper team, Yuji Naka with Prope, etc.).

But firing the guy that is sole responsible for the Metal Gear/Solid series? I'm not a big fan of the series, to be honest (to each their own), but even so I gotta recognize - you don't fire the creative mind behind the MGS series! Come on!

Anyways, this post was about Silent Hill. Obviously Del Toro and Norman Reedus finally confirmed the whole thing was not gonna happen. And now Konami confirmed the project is no more.

Silent Hills is dead.

I wasn't entirely fan of the idea, but it sounded like an original way to bring the series back to attention. And maybe it would be the best thing to happen to SH in ages. Apparently Konami will still continue to develop their own new SH games, but just not that one.


Anyway, everyone who has access to the PSN should take this occasion to grab a copy of P.T. before it's too late.

Now that this is over, I would really like to see the franchise back in the hands of Team Silent. Or just get Climax back, they did great work on the few couple of games they did.

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