Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#DOOM News! Doom 4 teaser!

That previous CGi teaser id Software & Bethesda released before was fun,  but now's the time for a first quick glimpse at in-game footage of DOOM 4!!

THOSE FEW SECONDS LOOKED SWEET! I love the little we've seen of this game so far!

Update: Looks already a far closer to DOOM than some of the earlier builds of the game they've supposedly scrapped and redone from scratch. Speaking off some actual footage/cutscene from an earlier versions was just released on DoomWorld:

All I can say is - GLAD THIS WAS CANCELED! While it does sort of look nice, like a post-apocalyptic take on Doom 2: Hell on Earth, in no way was this Doom. It looks more like a scrapped Rage 2 in fact. Also - sniper rifles in DOOM?! Head to the above link for more concept art and whatnot.

The actual game will finally be revealed at Bethesda's E3 Showcase next month on June 14! I CANT WAIT!!

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