Friday, May 15, 2015

#Recap - Mad Max: Fury Road

I just came back from Mad Max: Fury Road.

And all I can say is: Terminator 5, Jurassic World, Ant-Man or the new Star Wars might all end up great films, but I just witnessed the most badass film of the year.

Dare I say, of the decade!

It was such a fantastic masterfully-executed action-packed epic film. I missed watching movies from such good film makers.

(It hurts even more just thinking George Miller came so close to make a Justice League movie, instead of the hack, Zack Snyder, we have now... sigh..)

The whole film revolved around a fantastic imaginative set piece - the film appropriately titled "Fury Road" for a reason.

The picture was gorgeous. From the looks of the trailer, I feared it would all revolve around this huge CGi-rendered cloud storm, but that turned to be just a mere moment at the beginning. And all chase scenes were basically real live stunts, carefully enhanced with FXs. Take a note from that, George Lucas!

The wasteland never looked so ravaged, salvage and mad. I like how games like id Software's Rage took inspiration from the original Mad Max trilogy. And now taking a note from all these imitators, the original series is back in full and due form.

The film was brutal. Intense. And perhaps the most Heavy Metal-thing I've ever seen on the big screen. Dat guitar though~

All in all, it was a fantastic film. The idea of having this basically one giant car chase, the entire film set on the road, made it a great idea and a nice needed change of pace from all these blockbusters that keep shoving countless set pieces in their 2+ hours of runtime usually.

It wasn't your typical Hollywood blockbuster stereotypical cliché action film. It dared to show "ugliness". Disfigured people, our heroes taking some serious damage and beating through the film. Brutal action scenes. It was all I wanted from a Mad Max film, and then some.

Easily better than Part 3, Thunderdome, in my eyes. (And a close second to Mad Max 2).

With word on Miller having a few ideas for another installment, written during the production of Fury Road, I say bring it on!!

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