Thursday, June 18, 2015

#E3 LateNews! - Portal! PORTAL everywhere!!

Wait a minute... Shenmue 3 was finally confirmed? And we will finally get a Final Fantasy 7 remake? And The Last Guardian will be released!?!

This can only mean one thing... The apocalypse!!!

Or... #HalfLife3Confirmed guys!!!

Wait, did we get anything vaguely Half-Life-ysh or from Valve at this E3 this year? Well, not exactly...

The super-duper random epic Lego crossover game LEGO Dimension will be getting a Portal pack! Featuring GlaDos! And even Stephen Merchant reprising his role!

Man, I just can't get used to seeing Legos talking, but that's probably just me.


Pinball FX 2 will also be getting a standalone Portal-themed table!

Portal everywhere! That sort of counts as Half-Life-ysh, right? Man, I wish Valve simply decided to jump on the hype-train bandwagon and randomly announced HL3 even if they're not actually planning to go through with it, just to mess with people. Could you imagine it?

At this point I'd actually take a Portal 3 instead, what with all the promotion the series' been getting lately.

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