Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#E3 NEWS! SHENMUE 3 ANNOUNCED eréfjkerklgjoighoeh ergeggeg

Shemue 3 announced! SHENMUE 3 ANNOUNCED!!!!

WAITAMINUTE!? It's a Kickstarter!?!

Let's start from the beginning. For ages now Outrun creator Yu Suzuki has been wanting to make the third and final Shenmue. Meanwhile "Sega Playmore" has been getting worse by the year. Since they've essentially become Sega-Sammy they've been only re-released old games digitally and making the yearly Sonic game releases. On the Shenmue front: Why bring back a game that cost so much in the past when they basically replaced that IP with Yakuza nowadays?

So Yu Suzuki keeps getting interviewed about Shenmue 3, even though he's been moved to a smartphone games division now. And he mentioned the thought of relying on crowd-funding to make the game.

It seems like Sony partnered up with Sega for the occasion - the game will come on PS4 and PC. But they're only partially funding and helping it. So here they are on Kickstarter now.

This is a legit new Shenmue sequel, not some random spinoff. The campaign is asking for $2 million, so they haven't won it. AND IT ALREADY REACHED 1 904 912 $ as I write these lines!!!


The game's expected for a possible release date of December 2017.

We already got a FF7 remake and The Last Guardian out of E3 this year. All we need now is Half-Life 3, and the apocalypse might just be right around the corner!!


  1. I was watching this live with some friends. They announced FF7 remake, everybody was going nuts and I'm like "Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's FF7. People have been wanting it for years. Good for them." And then immediately Yu Suzuki comes on stage to announce Shenmue 3 on Kickstarter and I'm all "... WHAT?! WHAAAAAAT?!! It's not a joke any more?!!!!" but yeah, can't say I expected that. Even after Suzuki's mystery tweet of a forklift from earlier in the day.

    1. This year's biggest E3 surprise no doubt!
      Half-Life 3 next year!?!?

      I just caught back with those tweets - yes, I'm really bad at following "social media" stuff - he really was teasing the game with those, in retrospective!