Friday, June 12, 2015

#Recap - Jurassic World

So I got to finally see Jurassic World yesterday evening. Yes, FINALLY! I know it's just out!

It feels like I've been waiting for THIS specific film this entire past decade. And I cannot express how happy I was watching - even though I was seated in perhaps the worst movie seats I've ever been able to put my butt into. The theater sucked. But it was the only place I could find which allowed for the original English voice over AND a 2D screening. 3D sucks and don't even try telling me otherwise.

ANYWAYS! Getting off-track already?!

The movie! The movie was great! This was clearly a film made by someone who both had a lot of respect for the original film(s) and a lot of love for it.

It's also easily the most nostalgic long-awaited sequel I've ever seen! I truly wish Tron: Legacy had used a little more nostalgia appeal like JW!

I had goosebumps as soon as we finally got to see the park -  Michael Giacchino composed a fantastic score for the film!

For me this made me realize how true Chris Pratt was in some recent interview.

Jurassic Park is really "our" generation's Star Wars. Yeah, that's right. Star Wars' not my Star Wars, if you get what I mean. Believe it or not. When I great up those films had already been released (and I was too young for the end of the original trilogy) and the Prequels wouldn't hit the big screen before a while.

No. I grew up with Jurassic Park. I remember highly awaiting for The Lost World. And I couldn't wait to see Jurassic Park 3 back in the day.

I always loved dinosaurs, and always will.

It feels like I've been following/waiting for this fourth film for ever!

Jurassic World has easily the best concept we've ever saw in the series since the original film.

I always felt TLW and JP3 never had a strong enough concept to support the plot. The first film had this rich guy trying to open a park with dinosaur clones. The other two films had simply more of that, what was left after the failure of the park. But this new sequel finally gave us the park up and running!

In a way I almost see this film as the unofficial adaptation of my favorite JP game of all time - Operation Genesis! I always saw it as the best video game adaptation ever. It took the film premise and instead improvised something both new and original - witnessing the Jurassic Park open to the public!

I almost see a few elements like nods to it in the film. The way the park is built, the tourist attractions. This "Jurassic World" even uses a lot of blue element just like the game, unlike the usual green and red from the past films.

The film is a true love letter to the series. There's a lot of clever nods to the past films. It's funny how the film gets a few clear "Lost World" moments once InGen gets into the picture. I even loved seeing the skeleton of the infamous controversial Spinosaur on the main road of the park, we get a few glimpses at it through the film (until it is finally destroyed by the original T. rex at the end).

The film is great. Fun. Takes the series into a new direction but a natural progression. There's a lot of tension.

Sure, people have criticized this film to be a lot more bloody and violent than past JP films. And I suppose it's true. (Although TLW already had quite an impressive body count if you remember.)

For some reason I've never felt sadder in a film than watching a few herbivore dinosaurs left for dead on the path of this Indominus Rex... Aww, poor fictional animals...

Chris Pratt was, of course, fantastic. Always fun. And I really, really loved Bryce Dallas Howard who actually gets a lot of screentime and even character development through the film, but when don't I love her? The kids were.. tolerable. Why do these film always need to have kids in them? They were actually better than Ian Malcolm's own daughter of part two or that other annoying kid in part 3.

The final act was easily my favorite part of the film. Personally I'm one of those who loved the last American Godzilla remake, despite some criticism. But Jurassic World's final act? It blew up that entire film in my eyes, now this is how you make a modern take on a giant Kaiju brawl "Destroy All Monsters"-style on the big screen. It was such a fun epic monster fight! A fantastic end for a great movie - if a bit familiar in comparison to the first film

All in all, this was easily my 2nd favorite JP film, closely behind the original.

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