Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#DC News! Batman: Arkham Knight skins

And suddenly... I finally feel the need to play Batman: Arkham Knight:

That's right the game will be getting a Batman 1989 DLC pack, complete with Michael Keaton Batman, 1989 Batmobile and two tracks inspired by Tim Burton's films!


Here's a few more new skins that will be getting the DLC treatment as well:

Good thing I didn't get this game yet. Now it seems like waiting for a "Game of the year" edition will be a smart thing.

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  1. Game's alright, from what I've played. Batmobile sections are polarising, especially the tank controls. Story aspect: Hrmmm... there're some good parts, and other parts I just think "Would Batman really do this?" But it's a fine game. And those DLC look fine!