Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#FAQ 2015/07/08 - Blog reviews-related questions

Here’s a few tidbits regarding upcoming blog reviews.

Just a quick few things I wanted to put forward regarding some comments on the blog/questions on deviantArt:

When’s the next review?
As soon as I can.

Why so many reviews recently?
Because I have waaay too much free time on my hands at the moment. I also wanted to take the occasion to tie into a few recent movie/game releases.

Will you be reviewing more/Ghostbusters comics/games?
Sure, I plan to move forward from the games into IDW GB comic book series.

Will you review X Jurassic Park game?
I’m slowly going through those from the older games until my favorite last JP game - covering the rest of the films/comics as well in between.

Will you review X this or Y that?
Only if I’m familiar with it and like said thing - I called my blog G33K Life, no “random stuff”.

Will you review X or Y comic? More Marvel/DC?
I tend to read a lot more than I review. I’m only trying to cover a few specific books/characters/authors on the blog. I love reading Ms. Marvel or Daredevil, but I don’t thing I’ll review them for example. (Or maybe I should get a guest reviewer to help me out over there??)

Will you review this AAA-budget game/series?
I tend to prefer smaller quirky games over big budget ones. And, hey, it’s a lot more fun to give some exposure to a cult Sega Saturn game than whatever EA released last month.

Can I request/suggest reviews?
Sure. I won’t necessary do those, but drop me a word, we never know!

Can I ask a drawing-related question here?
Nah, we’re just talking blog reviews here today.

What can we hope to see next on your blog?
Expect something Ant-Man, more Evangelion, more zombie flicks, a few more cartoons, more monster films, more on-going franchise reviews (JP, Ghostbusters, etc.) - Oh, and a few obscure unexpected stuff.

Any thing to add?
Thanks for checking by!

I think that’s all… See you around I guess?

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