Monday, July 6, 2015

#OpeningTheme - DragonBall Super

There's a new Dragon Ball series airing in Japan - Dragon Ball Super.

I still doubt it will totally replace/retcon Dragon Ball GT since Toei is still using GT quite a lot in merchandising/promotions/games and only American fans are really saying Super will make GT non-canon. Why? Because it still takes place before the ending of the manga/final tournament in the epilogue chapter. And fans considered the "God Saiyan" superform to replace the regular SSJ power ups while the following opening still shows Goku using his SSJ/SSJ3/etc. forms instead of the new "God" ability:

DragonBall Super: OPENING 1080p! par EunaTalbott

Sounds fun. If, not entirely iconic/catchy. Way too generic "anime opening".

Wait and see to see how this will turn out...


  1. Any thoughts on the series so far? I thought it was a nice and slow start to the show, at least. 3-4 so episodes of post-battle slice of life stuff before the main meat starts up. Always nice to see that aspect of characters first, really.

    1. I'll get back to you once I actually watch the first ep.