Monday, July 6, 2015

#Marvel NEWS! Okay, I'm finally sold on the Deadpool movie

This is as close to perfection as it comes:

Like Deadpool or hate him, there's no denying even if the film's bad Fox certainly nailed down Deadpool here. The closest to a live action superhero costume.

Miles away from Fox' other X-Men costumes. Or, heck, even Marvel's takes on the likes of Captain America, Ant-Man, Star-Lord, etc. I mean, only Iron Man comes as close to faithfulness as "Wade Wilson" here.

The rest of the promo pics is just as great:

Pretty close to DP's game appearance. It starting to feel like that game was a test run for the film. Let's hope it's as fun and crazy as that game('s plot) was. I kinda wish the costume could take some cues from his Marvel Now series (this is basically Daniel Way's Deadpool), but I'll take it nonetheless.

#Deadpool lives!

Source: EW.

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