Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#SDCC 2015 News! New BLADE comics series

Here's some news that will take my mind off those rumors about Wesley Snipes trying to talk to Marvel to revive the Blade film series and produce a Blade 4. (Come on, as much as I loved those first two films - avoid the third one at all cost!! - we all know Snipes' been getting increasingly worse to work with. The only reason he want to make a new Blade movie is to get some quick easy money fast after his tax evasion fraud.)

Well, Marvel's about to revive the Blade comics instead. True, the angle of this new comic could work as well in a new movie or Netflix series with an older Blade figure.

*cue angry fanbodys* Hey! That's not Blade! Why did Marvel also turn Blade into a female!? Etc. Copy-paste any fanboy rant ever.

Correct. That's his daughter! Our good ol' regular Blade will still be part of the book. But now the book will be about father and daughter slaying vampires. This new series will be written by Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley with art by Logan Faerber.

And here's some promising quotes from Tim Seeley:
“I love that we’re taking Blade completely out of his former genre and world,” he says. “He’s not in an urban landscape, taking on tribes of vampires. He’s in a small town, facing way weirder stuff than vampires, and he’s going to have to attend prom. Blade’s complete focus to one mission and total inflexibility make for some good drama when you drop him into new situations. Also, occasional hilariousness."
“It’s always a dream come true to bring some of your own particular brand of comic to Marvel,” Seeley shares. “And since some of my major influences are 70’s Marvel horror comics, it’s also a way for me to complete the bloody circle. I think readers of [my other work] Hack/Slash and Revival will find things to like about our take on Blade, and I think we’re creating a cool fusion of modern horror comic, 70’s monster comic, John Carpenter movie, and John Hughes movie."
This sounds... pretty fun actually.
Source: Marvel.com.


  1. When I saw the words "Tim Seeley", I knew you'd get into it~!

    And I can dig it. Blade has been around for a long while, I can see him having a daughter. Why not?

    1. Hopefully it will be better than past Blade series. As fun as his movies were, Blade never seem to last long in comics.
      I kind of prefer his random guest appearances in other books over his own titles.