Friday, November 13, 2015

#Nintendo NEWS! Hyrule Warriors new addition - Female Link, Linkle REVEALED!

Nintendo just announced a new addition to the already huge roster of Hyrule Warriors - Linkle, a female incarnation of Link!

Apparently she will be added to the roster of the 3DS re-release of the game and a DLC for the Wii U version.

Awesome! People have been wanting for a different incarnation of Link for ages. Me? Personally I was tired of the generic Ocarina of Time-ysh Link we've been getting every new game for so long. (Hey! I miss brown/pink-haired Link from the older games.. even the animated series Link would be a much better pick).

And to the haters out there - You know we get a new different Link each game? So Cartoon Link wasn't a problem for you, but female Link is? How hypocrite of you guys...

Anyways, crybabies aside, here's the trailer:

Awesome! Looks like she kicks ass with her crossbows!

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