Sunday, December 27, 2015

#Design - Zelda BS & Itchy & Scratchy custom cover art

Please! Do not ask for these! This was a personal job, not outsourcing the work to other people. If you want me to work out something for you, I will do so for money only.

I noticed I had 4 empty Megadrive/Sega Genesis game cases lying around. So I decided to play with my photoshop skills and work on a few "fake" mockup cover inserts just for fun.

Since the Sonic 4 games are simply digital titles, I decided to make a fake game case for the good ol' collection display.

I just loved how dino-tastic and childhood dreams-fulfilling Jurassic World was. I mean, that sequence with the raptors alone...! Also I always loved all those good old JP games, most of them were in fact pretty good all things considered. I'm just sad there wasn't a new game released on time for JW.. (yeah, we all know about the scrapped game) So just to have fun I mad a fake Jurassic World MD game box.

I really dislike the European/American cover of Empire of Steel/Steel Empire. The game completely loses the influence from the Studio Ghibli film Laputa! So I made a better custom one for my copy of the game.

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Design © Eyz 2015.
Game and work based on a propriety © Sega, Flying Edge & Universal Pictures
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