Monday, February 8, 2016

#Movie NEWS! SUPERBOWL Edition!

For a lot of people, the Superbowl means sports. For me and a ton of others around the world it simply means a lot of great ads and exclusive movie trailers.

So sit down, don't bother getting there and enjoy the videos with youtube (and my blog!).

Let's start with this new trailer for Deadpool:

Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, he also starred in this random Hyundai ad:

And here's the X-Men: Apocalypse superbowl trailer:

The film is finally starting to come together nicely. Best trailer for this film, yet.

The new trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 finally gives us... a blast from the past:

So it is true, they're actually bringing Krang? Woah! I didn't expect that!!

Here's a pretty fun new trailer for Civil War!

It's on!  Look, they even got Ant-Man in there this time!

Coca-Cola made a pretty fun commercial with Marvel. Want to see the Hulk interacting with Ant-Man for the first time? Check this out:

This is what starts the Civil War? Ha! And while we're at it, here's the new designs for the cans:


Meanwhile DC made a similar random synergic ad with Turkish Airlines. Wanna visit Gotham City or Metropolis? Enjoy:

Sadly the most memorable feature of Metropolis' own Daily Planet is apparently missing for some reason...

Do you remember Jon Favreau's direction a Jungle Book live adaptation? And by live, I mean 90% CGi, because it's mostly about talking animals:

In 1996, Independence Day blew up the White House for a memorable super bowl trailer. 20 years later Independence Day: Resurgence is after London this time:

Here's a trailer for the new Jason Bourne film. Simply title Jason Bourne apparently. This time seeing the return of Matt Damon, they should have crossed his films over with "Hawkeye's"!!

And here's a new criptic trailer for the surprise and highly awaited 10 Cloverfield Lane:

Count me in! I'm loving what I'm seeing so far!

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