Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#Design - PC Freedom Cry, Final Exam, Hydrophobia & Rocket Knight custom cover art

Please! Do not ask for these! This was a personal job, not outsourcing the work to other people. If you want me to work out something for you, I will do so for money only.

I'm not a big steam-user or just big on digital games because I admit it - I'm totally materialistic. I need some actual boxes to feel a sense of "ownership". That's why I decided to make a few mockup covers for a few digital games I own, at least to motivated myself to finally play through these this year and still proudly have them in my collection next to the rest of my games.

I'm not allowing the comments below to avoid the spam I usually get on these.

Design © Eyz 2016.
Game and work based on a propriety © Ubisoft,
Not for commercial use!