Sunday, March 27, 2016

#Recap - Marvel's Daredevil Season 2

Yes. I've finally finished the 2nd season. I know I took some time with this. But I'd like to tell you, some of us have work to do.. Well, and I also love to take my sweet time with my shows, I'm really not a big fan of binge-watching stuff. That takes my time off drawing, playing games, etc.

Anyways, what can I say that hasn't been told? Not much, I'd image.

So let's start from the beginning.

Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 picks up more or less where the previous season left off. After building upon the origin stories of DD and Wilson Fisk, we're now introduced to even more familiar Marvel Comics figures.

Coming off after such a successful first season, I loved watching all these new faces pop up in the larger "MCU". We finally get a proper Punisher closer to the way he's been portrayed in Marvel Comics (not talking about Marvel Max or previous movies). Closer to the brutal salvage Frank Castle from Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon's run. A guy that can pump up thousand bullets into a place crowded with criminals and make a run for it.

It was a certainly more realistic on him than in the fun but dumb War Zone movie. I honestly love all 3 Punisher films - yes, 3 of them. I promise to review them all at some point! But, anyways, this was clearly closer to the Frank Castle from the comics, complete with a perfect recreation of one of Punisher & DD's famous confrontation on a rooftop. Once again, a Marvel adaptation totally nailed its original material on screen.

While season 1 was closer to one long continuous ongoing storyline, it certainly dragged in a few odd parts far and between. There were definitively some weaker episodes in an overall better first season. Season 2 might not be as great and unique as DD's 1st season (or Jessica Jones for that matter), but I felt it had a much better handle on the episodic nature of the show.

I always said and always will say that these type of superhero stories can only properly be translated into a television (or digital) series format. They're episodic! They're meant to be broken down and told through an ongoing narrative. Films are ok... up to a point. Spider-man for example is a character I think never truly works as a feature film, despite whatever quality his films have been over the years.

Season 2 was truly broken down into smaller 4-episode arcs. Like the first few episodes are clearly "Daredevil Vs. Punisher" (this year really marks the crossover-versus theme for live action superheroes! We have Captain America vs. Iron Man in Civil War, Batman vs. Superman in the almost correctly titled Batman v Superman and even Supergirl vs. The Flash on the CW/CBS). Then we have an "Elektra" arc. Which was followed by a "Trial of the Punisher/The Hand", etc.

Speaking of, Elektra was great. Some people complained this wasn't the real Elektra. Did you watch the same series as me? I mean, this was clearly pre-"resurrection" Elektra (even the mainstream audience knows that, thanks to the awful DareDAffleck disaster). And she took some cues from the Marvel Ultimate version, even sporting a sort of similar black getup.

The show truly shined in the various stories, episodes and absolutely amazing and well-choreographed fights. While nothing beats the corridor fight scene in one sequence from season 1, several new scenes took a direct influence from that memorable combat. There's a lot of great fights, like an elevator/alleyway fight, a brutal graveyard fight and let's not forget The Punisher's own stunning prison fight.

All the cast of characters got their time to shine in front of the camera. Karen and Foggy aren't forgotten as supporting characters and both great some fantastic moments. This is such a great version of Foggy! Someone give him a bowtie next season!! I found myself completely captivated by the trial scenes - a very important key aspect of Daredevil stories!

As for the fans, DD got a nice update to his just-okay costume from season 1. I loved the new mask a lot more this time around! Although I do believe there's still room for improvement there.

Speaking of the Punisher I saw some clear nods to: The Terminator (in his original introduction in the hospital, a clear nod to the police station from T1), and even some nods to the Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson incarnations of the Punisher.

Despite what I was thinking at first when they announced "Shane" from the Walking Dead, Jon Bernthal ended up totally nailing the character! I loved his voice and brutality as Frank Castle. Tom Jane was too nice for me, and Ray Stevenson worked great as a Punisher Max, but not in the MCU in my eyes.

It was a fairly brutal series. Really captivating. Fun. Original. Some of The Hand storylines seemed to drag on, or go nowhere (I'm imagining because it's a setup for either Iron Fist or future seasons). And I'm loving the direction the show will take with the return of the Kingpin.

I can't hardly wait for Season 3 already! (That's why I kinda hate the Netflix format, we have to wait longer for a short drop of episodes..) But I really can't wait for Luke Cage's own turn in the spotlight, the little nod to Jessica Jones is just making me wish all these characters could cross over one another and we could have a proper Heroes for Hire series.

Can DD guest start in the upcoming Spider-man film reboot, or Spidey in DD's show? Pretty please, Marvel?

Make mine, Marvel!


  1. Basically, yes. The Hand arc did feel a bit out there when it started. I was more into the Punisher plot if anything. And they barely connect both plots baring 10 seconds.
    Otherwise, great stuff!

    1. I liked the whole storyarc with The Hand, but I knew it wouldn't be for everyone's taste. Just like in the comics not everyone like those same stories. (People tend to prefer the cosmic side of Marvel compared to that, for example)

      But the way they forced both storylines to sort of connect at the end, through the Punisher's sniper assist, felt kinda rushed...