Friday, April 22, 2016

#Movie NEWS!

While people are going crazy about the apparently decent Jungle Book live action CGi remake -

- Disney already released the trailer for the following new 2010s remake of another classic 2D animated film for modern audiences.

This time it will be the sadly underrated Pete's Dragon, now enhanced with Bryce Dallas Howard's lovely presence in the film:

No comment here. Looks in the same vibe of the Jungle Book film, without the fun music.

Speaking of, I had no idea Warner Bros. was also making a Jungle Book movie, directed by Andy Serkis and scheduled in 2 years. Why even bother?? I mean, if they based it more on the original book it might be fun, but I always thought the original Disney animated movie was an improvement over the original story, the addition of King Louie works really nicely into the plot.

AND they even have a Tarzan movie scheduled for this year! Did anybody knew that!? It's called THE LEGEND OF TARZAN:

I guess it's ok.. before Disney eventually remakes it as well?

You know, this non-Disney Tarzan film would have been great if it was actually more inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan of the Apes. With the whole scifi elements, the hidden city under the North Pole, etc. But it doesn't look like it, I mean it's not even marked that way...

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