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CBR Army of Darkness: Convention Invasion

He fought the Evil Dead and the Army of Darkness before! This time he will face the greatest threat yet...  the Comic Con!

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Comic title: Army of Darkness: Convention Invasion 
Art by Brent Peeples
Written by Michael Moreci

Published by Dynamite Entertainment
From October 2014
Lineup Evil Dead/Army of Darkness series
Format: One-shot special issue Army of Darkness: Convention Invasion #1.

Following the fan-favorite Evil Dead film trilogy, Ashley J. Williams has had a long history with comic books.

After some pretty good comic book adaptations of The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness at Dark Horse Comics, Dynamite Entertainment launched an Army of Darkness ongoing title in 2004 to much success. These comics were fun, silly and very much true to the B-movie nature of the film series.

Ash and the Army of Darkness follows a complete reboot of this long-running comic book series. This reboot of the comic was long time coming, it was bound to happen as the series was starting to grew out of hand and completely lose touch with what made it so great in the first place. The series was getting harder and harder to follow thanks to several crossovers and complete change of direction whenever a new creative picked it up.

Dynamite wanted to offer a fresh new start to their Army of Darkness comics with a more serious tone, thanks to the success of the Evil Dead remake.

After a great first volume by 30 Days of Night creator Steve Miles, Ash found himself back in medieval times, fighting off hordes of Deadites to save the world!

After a trip across time and space in the Annual, Ash is now back to the present day working at S-Mart before facing an invasion of Deadites at a Comic Con for this short tale. This is the one-shot Army of Darkness: Convention Invasion!

This story is not really meant to be part of the main series, although you can sort of place it sometimes during the Annual before his arrival back to the past, right before the following story arc "Ash Gets Hitched".

Ash Williams is now seen working for S-Mart again, almost leaving his life fighting the Deadites behind him. When suddenly 3 nerds come looking for his help! There's a Deadite invasion slowly taking over a comic book convention nearby! And they knew about his epic ongoing fight versus the Army of Darkness from the comics! They made comics of Ash? Hey! What about his royalties?!

Anyways, turns out some sorcerer cosplayer took his role-playing a bit too far and has been seen using the Necronomicon to rise the Army of Darkness! Where did he get his hands on that priceless book, at the convention??

But the 3 kids were followed by a Deadite! They team up. Ash is captured by some skeletons and dragged underwater. Turns out Evil Ash is behind all this! And he's using the two other fake copies of the Necronomicon Ash left behind in the graveyard back in the past! And they seem to tap into that same power!!

Ash faces Evil Ashes while the kids go looking for the sorcerer...

Army of Darkness: Convention Invasion is a fun little one-shot. The comic was written by Michael Moreci who really captured the voice of Ash in this short little story, with art by Brent Peeples. It's just a simple little 48-page one-shot.

It's not meant to be taken too seriously. Ash even makes Evil Ash skips the entire explanation for all of this!

It's a funny silly story, not taking itself too seriously. It sort of reminded me of Knights of Badassdom, in a way!

It gets pretty meta with all the allusions to Ash's adventures and the comic book series. They even make fun of the way artists tend to exaggerate his chin. It plays with conventions, cosplay, etc.

Oh, and the cover by Robert Hack is pretty badass!

Overall, Army of Darkness: Convention Invasion is a fun little side romp, for fans of the series. Check it Out if you feel like it!

It plays with elements of the comics, conventions and fandom!

Nothing much really, but it was a nice distraction from the main and often too serious ongoing series.

I give it:
2 / 3 ManThings!

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