Monday, May 23, 2016

#Randomz - Ten years of saying NOPE to Half-Life 3

Here's an hilarious video compiled by CrowbCat, which has been going around news articles.

It’s already been a decade since fans have been awaiting for a sequel to Half-Life. Here's the various interviews where Gabe Newell's been seen talking about this vaporware of a game...

I love how it started with Episode 3, "to conclude the trilogy!", then morphed to simply Half-Life 3 because it had been too long since the actual episodes. And then at some point he went from "the game is coming up!" to "what game? I'm not talking..".


As much as I adore the series, I honestly don't believe we're ever gonna see a continuation in my own lifetime.... HL3 is dead.

Now, where's Portal 3? (What? Valve don't know that number "3"? Just call it Portal: Episode 1 instead!)

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