Saturday, May 14, 2016

#RIP Darwyn Cooke

I just learned one of my favorite comic book artists just died...

RIP Darwyn Cooke.

This year is starting to sound really bad. Not only did we lose David Bowie and Prince already this year, but now Darwyn Cooke passed away from cancer at only 53....

He did a ton of fantastic work I particularly love such as the fantastic DC: The New Frontier and the modern DC Comics The Spirit series which I adored. 

He will be missed.

I'm still shocked, he was so young...

I didn't knew what to do, to celebrate this artist, so I'm just using this post as an excuse to post some of his best works.

If you didn't know the guy, take this occasion to check some of his work, his artwork is really well worth a look!

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  1. I heard about the cancer treatment yesterday, and that was distressing in itself. It was far more distressing to hear he didn't make it the next day. He'll be greatly missed, for sure.