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CBR Revival Vol. 6: Thy Loyal Sons & Daughters

Zombie stories have starting to get a bit boring and repetitive over the years. So I'm always glad whenever a new book of Revival is released!
When there's no more room in HELL, these reviews will walk the BLOG:

Comic title: Revival Volume 6: Thy Loyal Sons & Daughters
Art by Mike Norton & Mark Englert
Story by Tim Seeley 

Published by Image Comics 
From December 2015
Lineup Revival series
Format: Trade paperback collecting Revival issues #30-35.

One day in Wausau, rural central Wisconsin, the dead came back to life. Now since this "Revival Day" the living and the undead are trying to coexist in the quarantined town as best as they can. Officer Dana Cypress is trying to hold it all together while trying to solve the murder of her own recently-revived sister Martha, aka "Em".

Revival is one of Image Comics' bestselling series out there nowadays. The series was co-created by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton.

Often described as a "Rural Noir", it's a zombie story without actual traditional zombies. At least, not your usual mindless undead creatures. 

Volume 6 "Thy Loyal Sons & Daughters" collects issues #30-35 of the hit new series.

Recently a terrorist attack left Wausau in shambles.

For the security of both the living and the recently revived, the Revivers have been sent to "relocation camps", which are shady "concentration camps2 run by the government to keep these undead people into quarantine indefinitely and study the phenomenon. 

Dana Cypress is with the police, trying to look for Blaine Abel who just murdered the young journalist May Tao who broke the news the day the dead came back to life. This Blaine character seems to know more than you'd guess. He is now hiding with a bunch of survivalists. But Em's also looking for the murderer of her friend...

Dana was already having some trouble dealing with religious nuts, but now the government is acting in secrecy inside the quarantined town.

Em accidentally reveals herself as a Reviver in the middle of the action, and she ends up in the quarantine!

Tension grows between the two sisters.

And this is all at the same time as this General Cale woman is put in charge of Wausau and starts having her scientists study both Revivers and the mysterious spirits lurking in the nearby hoods. They seem attracted, even haunting the Revivers.

This creepy assassin Black Deer is coming after Em...

Volume 6 was another solid entry in this fantastic creator-owned series. Alway great.

We have some great lead female protagonists in this book. And the mysterious situation regarding these undead folks puts a new spin on zombies.

Previous volumes had been building up the mystery. This new chapter gets right into the things once its brings us readers up to speed.

The cause for all this remains unknown. But the characters are in the middle of evolution. Shaking things up. With great characterization as usually, particularly from the Cypress family.

Mike Norton's art is gorgeous as ever, well-detailed for the creepy situations. This time we get to explore the past of our two sisters. And this new General Cale makes for a fresh new and interesting new protagonist.

This volume also features the type of bonus gallery we often had with Hack/Slash: a "Cosplay of the Dead" gallery! Now even I want one of those hoodies!

Overall, volume 6 was yet another solid volume. It keep things up while adding some new mysteries of their own. 

This was probably one of the best volumes yet, it was a big game changer. The new story arc is intriguing and captivating, mostly focused on character development this time. And it was pretty bloody too!

This new story arc actually makes for a great jumping-point if you haven't been too sure regarding this series so far! And it comes Highly Recommended if you like good creepy mystery/horror tales!

I give it:
3 / 3 ManThings!

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