Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#E3News Telltale's MARVEL: The video game

Well, this certainly came out of nowhere!

Telltale Games announced a partnership with Marvel for an upcomign game in 2017!

Coming off their upcoming Batman game, this is certainly surprising enough.

No specific characters tied to this game? OR will this simply feature a bunch of characters from the entire Marvel Universe? Can we expect a lot of fan favorites to pop up around this adventure? Miss Marvel? Rocket and Groot? Dare I say Squirrel Girl?


  1. I'm pretty sure they announced this around last year or so. Completely forgotten about it.

    1. Well, I did find it again using my own tags here, but mentioning it again is better than no news, right. Remember Last Guardian? It's finally coming out, now!

    2. Although I would have preferred some details, such as characters or even a proper title for the game!

      (How about: "Matt Fraction's Hawkeye: The Video Game"????)