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1PanelReview Terminator 2 (NES)

This games needs you clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

What it is: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (NES) also known as simply T2 (NES)

Which is: A sidescroller platformer/run & gun action game
Created by: Software Creations/LJN/Ocean Software
Year: 1991
Available on: NES

The Terminator franchise has spawned countless video games over the years, from the titles directly inspired by the films to the excellent Bethesda first person shooters. The first two films received a particularly impressive number of tie-in games on most systems available at the time. While Flying Edge did most of the Sega versions, LJN did the games for Nintendo consoles.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day on the NES was made for Ocean Software. It's a fairly standard sidescrolling platformer (with a single top-down stage!). Since all the T2 games releases followed the plot of the same film, they featured more or less the same types of levels.

What's Good about it: T2 on the NES is your typical action platform game with shooting elements, more or less. You get to play as the T-800 Terminator, the objective is, of course, to protect John Connor, the future leader of the Human Resistance, and his mother Sarah Connor from harm from the constant attacks of the T-1000.
All Terminator 1 games loosely followed the same structure, based around the film.
On the NES the game has a pretty interesting type of objectives following elements from the story across the entire game. The first stage revolves around acquiring a weapon and ends against a giant biker (the guy the T-800 stole clothes from in the film?), stage 2 is a motorcycle
race to outrun the tanker in a chase (stage 2 is the only one played from a top-down-perspective, sort of reminiscent of Paperboy), stage 3 is about locating Sarah Connor in the asylum to save her from the T-1000, stage 4 takes place in the Cyberdyne plant to destroy all the tech they got after the first film, finally stage 5 is a face-off against the T-1000 in the steel mill, once and for good.
The game's beginning if pretty rough, but it does get slightly better after those first two stages.
I also like how the game actually tries to stick pretty close to the plot once past those two levels. Having you actually search for Sarah Connor in the asylum or planting bombs across Cyberdyne.

What's Bad about it: But the game's also a pretty generic and standard licensed game that doesn't really try anything new. It sort of follows the film pretty well, but it doesn't really have anything unique or memorable going for it.
This one was also way too easy.
Those first two stages also completely missed mark compared to the film. Our T-800 shows up with clothes (I get that), but then has to beat down everyone on sight and challenge one of the biggest bikers around for no reason!
The 2nd stage, the chase, is particularly difficult. It feels tackled on compared to the rest.
And the graphics were pretty bad here (even compared to other NES titles in the same franchise). Really messy characters, easily one of the worst sprites of Arnold!

Overall: Terminator 2 on the NES is certainly not the worst.. but a lot better has also been done with the license!

Only Try It Out if you're a big fan of The Terminator.

If you want a good T2 game, go for the SNES or Sega Mega Drive versions instead which are much better.
I give it: 1.5 / 3!

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