Friday, March 10, 2017

#CartoonNetwork NEWS! A new Steven Universe game and a new show for CN

Great news, everyone! Steven Universe is getting a new game! And this one won't be smartphones-exclusive. It's called Steven Universe Save The Light and it will even be coming to the PSN store!

That's the actual graphics. It looks much in the same style as Attack The Light, the previous game.

And this time the gameplay will be a bit different, adding even Connie and Greg to the playable characters apparently.

And on other Cartoon Network-related news, it looks like Ian Jones-Quartey's project OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes was finally greenlighted as a show!!

It's about time! After a bunch of different shorts showcasing different animation style, CN has finally given the OK and allowed the show to set on a style.

They even released the opening theme song, enjoy:

And they also announced a similar digital-release game for OK KO, here's a screenshot featuring a similar aesthetic:

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