Tuesday, June 13, 2017

#E3 Day 2 - UBI-san

Day 2 of E3 brought the Ubisoft conference and some nice surprises.

I won't repost the whole Assassin's Creed Origins stuff, even though I really enjoyed what I saw. Instead let's move forward.

First up they opened things up with the already-leaked Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, which, granted, does look funny enough and in both spirits of the Rabbids games and Mario series:

Plus, the special appearance of Miyamoto on stage certainly helped sell the concept.

Next up Ubisoft randomly announced Skull & Bones. A pirate game taking elements from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, without the whole AC lore attached to it:

If you loved the ship battles of Black Flag, then you're gonna love this one! Since they took out the pirate-y elements out for the next Assassin's Creed game, it's nice to see them here. The game appears to be developed by Ubisoft Singapore and is expected for fall of 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

And on a final Ubi-related news....

Holy Sh...!!! It's finally f....ing real!! They f.....ing announced Beyond Good & Evil 2 for realz!!

Yeah, my only complaint is that this seems to have waaaaay too much cursing for BG&E. But, BG&E's back! Michel Ancel!! BEYOND GOOD & EVIL 2!!

Here's the trailer:

Sounds... like a departure, which was to be expected since it's been so long since the original (despite it being so easily available through digital re-releases and HD remasters). The original Beyond Good & Evil was released back in 2003, almost 15 years ago! After various leaks, cancellations, hiatuses, and whatnot, it's finally here!

The question is.. will this be another Duke Nukem Forever... or another The Last Guardian? It's a prequel set before the birth of the original game’s protagonist Jade, with a brand new art direction and ideas... so, it's hard to say so far...

There were also a lot of other news, but aside from maybe Far Cry 5, I kinda lost interest in the rest.

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