Monday, July 31, 2017

#Recap Baby Driver

I just came back from watching Edgar Wright‘s latest film, Baby Driver. And what an adventure it was!
No, really.
After grabbing something to eat, we had a very short window of time to go watch the film, only enough time to quickly check on the program.
The road wasn't too bad, but we noticed we only had about 10 minutes while on the road, and we still had to reach the destination and park near the theater.
Arrived at the parking, we didn't know how to enter it, and run all over looking to get close to the theater. Going backwards and making wrong turns in that annoying parking lot.
We arrived at the movie theater and the queue was huuuge! So many people going this evening (thanks Dunkirk!) But we noticed we could cut the line by using a computer (ATM-style). We finally got out tickets.. and that's when we noticed we were a full hour early! That's right, we got the wrong program when we were in a rush!
With a full hour to wait and the entire place close aside from the theater (on Sundays, every store's closed over here in Switzerland, no going to the mall-while we wait!). So we decided to go back home with our movie tickets. We did get lose in the parking lot trying to get out, though (we easily lost ten minutes there and then).
After a quick cartoon, we went back on the road. Driving as fast as we could to get back on time. Stuck on that crazy parking another time until we were able to park near the movie theater. And in the movies we went.
One last surprises for the evening, we found out the number seats like in airplanes now (what the..!?!).
Oh, and how was the actual film, you ask? It was great.

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