Tuesday, March 20, 2018


In case you haven't been following, the current Dragon Ball revival series, Dragon Ball Super, is coming to an end. At least, on hiatus. But the series' not over! Toei isn't going to end Drtagon Ball any time soon, since the show's more popular than ever!

While the anime gets a break, the manga is going to continue past new horizons.

Oh, and there's an upcoming animated film coming to the big screens worldwide at the end of the year!

So far this picture was the only teaser we had. It showed a new art style direction for animated Dragon Ball. With the anime going into the expert hands of the people, animators and directors, behind the One Piece anime and films. Slightly simpler style to animated while keeping the basic designs. Brighter and more colorful art.

Then a little preview showed what SSJ Goku will look like:

And finally they just released a short teaser trailer!!

I can see the One Piece bouncy animation already! I dig it!

Also, despite being glimpsed here, the plot might be super-apparent (pun intended). The film will apparently finally revolve around the Saiyajin race! You can see quick shots of some sort of saiyan enemy in this teaser.

Fans have been expecting either a story in the past history of saiyans, which has been teased by Toriyama over countless interviews and guide books over the years. Or a story taking place in the alternate universe where saiyans are good guys, in Super. But I expect Goku and Vegeta finding out more of their race in one way or another, and then a conflict of interest for the surviving (and Prince of) saiyans we know and love!

The film is expected for 14 December in Japan. An original story, script, and character designs by Akira Toriyama.

And while we're on the subject, look who's coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ next week as DLCs... more saiyans! (Coincidence?)

Wow! Even the music's pretty good in these teasers! When's the music DLC coming up? I need to get rid of the bland GuiltyGear/BlazeBlue music of the base game quick!!

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