Tuesday, May 22, 2018

#CartoonNEWS ThunderCats Roar | official Announcement trailer (2019)

Suddenly... a random announcement from Cartoon Network.

So there's an upcoming new ThunderCats coming up, ThunderCats Roar. Yeah, I know. Pretty random, right?

And despite a lot hate already aimed at the show, I'm honestly just glad to see a new ThunderCats show coming up and people talking about this series. Let's be honest, nobody watched the previous 2011 reboot - which was easily one of my all-time favorite series despite the cancellation and unresolved cliffhanger. But ThunderCats' never been high quality, let's be honest. The original was a fun cheesy glorified toy commercial with good designs. The 2011 was a great modern reimagining, but also had a lot of shortcomings. And the best version of ThunderCats we ever got were the DC Comics, huh, comics. Adding some dimension to the characters, aging them up, and with updated designs and art style. That's the best version of ThunderCats we'll ever get to be frank.

And this... this one.. let me watch a few episodes first. It's as you'd expect from most current CN shows aimed at kids, simplified art style and animation, and with more humor than action, no doubt. But I dig the silly indie comics vibe I got from the announcement:

With all the talks I've seen about this new ThunderCats, it's easily the most I've seen people ever talk about this series in decades!

Can be fun. I would love if they kept the same art style but added a bit more details into it...

The show will air next year.

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