Monday, August 6, 2018

#FightingNEWS at EVO'18

Some great news came out at EVO regarding some of my current favorite fighting games!

First up, after all this time TEKKEN 7's finally getting some new characters! Including 2 classic characters, 1 guest and 3 new faces later on. Here's the Season Pass 2 Reveal featuring.... the very random addition of Negan from AMCs The Walking Dead!

With Harada you never know what to expect... but you can always guess what he's currently into. He used to love the manga Gon back in the 90s, and was totally into Final Fantasy XV last year. Looks like he loves The Walking Dead series...

Street Fighter V randomly got two new characters today, after Ono's surprise playful announcement at the event, newcomer "G" and old school Sagat!

And since Base Goku & Vegeta are joining Dragon Ball FighterZ this Wednesday, August 8th, they also announced the arrival of the new character, Frieza's own non-canon brother, Cooler!

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