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VGR Resident Evil 2

I really liked this game.. It wasn't as amazing as the 1st one, but still a great experience, that's why I gave it 2,5 instead of 3!

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VGR: Resident Evil 2
From Capcom
Played on Dreamcast
Also available on PlayStation, Nintendo 64, GameCube and PSN

Type Survival Horror
Year 1998-2000

Let's got back to Resident Evil. This time, it's the second game!
I played it on dreamcast, it's basically the same as the Playstation's dualshock edition or the later Gamecube port.

The game changed and evolved a lot of times during its production, and is famous for having almost been released as a totally different game. It was completed before being scrapped and redone from start. That game is known today as "Resident Evil 1.5".
But let's talk about this final cut, the game that was released as Resident Evil 2.

The plot takes place after the incident that happened in Resident Evil 1.
The T-virus has spread all over Raccoon City. Episode 2 takes place mainly in the R.C.Police Departement and under the city.

The games is on 2 GD-roms. Depending which one you select, the game will follow the same story. But one disc will have you play Claire Redfield searching for Chris, her brother from RE1, who went off invistigating about Umbrella Corps. after the first game, the other cd follows rookie Raccoon City cop Leon Kennedy.

This way, the game adds a great deal of replay value over the original Resident Evil. when you'll finish your playthrough, you won't play the same game with the other character but, with a special save, you will play the other character's point of view. The environment will change according to your original gameplay.
(less ammo in some places, different objects left behind..)

For it's time (1998-2000), the game looks nicer than the original RE. The engine was upgraded, more zombies appear onscreen, backgrounds look fantastic and voice acting is a bit more professional this time. (less cheesy lines, which can also be seen as a negative point for some fans of RE1...)

The plot is pretty immersive, it makes you care for the characters, search for clues around about Umbrella and be entertained by the events around the tales of professor William Birkin and the G-virus (a variant of the original one).

There's also some bonus modes, such as a gallery to view the artworks, cg's, character models and an Extreme Battle mode where you have to reach a certain point under a certain time.

Kinda like an arcade version. My favorite bonus mode being "The 4th Survivor" where you play as an Umbrella soldier, Hunk, who's featured/hidden in other later Resident Evil games. And its parody mode "The Tofu Survivor" that you only unlock playing the harder difficulty.

My only complaint with RE2 would be that it's less original than the first one...

The mansion was more interesting as your main territory to explore and did offer a whole lot more to find out.

The RCPD and the underground laboratories seemed a bit shorter and more repetitive...

Overall, it's a great experience.
If you liked the first one or like the series, Check it Out!

Let's recap!
The game is basically an updated Resident Evil 1 and a continuation plot-wise. The environments aren't as much original.. but everything seems more interesting this time around at least.
More zombies/monsters/bosses also. It's a well done sequel, not many franchise had such great second games! (it's usually worse...)

I give it:

 2.5 / 3 Quacks!
3/3 a must play 2/3 give it a try 1/3 bad game and 0/3 run from it!

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