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CBR Mirror's Edge (Comics)


Here's something that will interest those like me that would like some more Mirror's Edge, in one form or another.

Comic title: Mirror's Edge 
Art by Matthew Dow Smith & Jon Bolerjack
Story by Rhianna Pratchett 

Published by WildStorm inprint through DC Comics
From 2010
Lineup Mirror's Edge
Format: Trade paperback collecting the Mirror's Edge mini-series issues #1-6.

Announced in 2008 at the Comic-Con, this Mirror's Edge comic book isn't just simply an adaptation of the eponymous game but a prequel story revolving around the main character's past prior to the game.

This mini-series was produced by WildStorm Productions for EA.

It was plotted by the journalist/video game scriptwriter behind the actual game, Rhianna Pratchett. (she was also behind the fantastic 2008 Prince of Persia game for Ubisoft)

Mirror's Edge tells the story of Faith Connors.

Faith lives in a place simply known as "the City", in an unspecified dystopian future.

Faith is a Runner. As a courier she takes care of important mails and illegal cargo, bringing that for clients all across the city's rooftops.

The story shows us how she came to be a courier and how she met these other runners. She saves another courier and befriends a future rival.

Her sister Kate Connors is a law enforcer, a CPF officer.

Faith discovers some family secrets. She finds out who her father his - Abraham Connors - and why he really left them... when finally discovering the truth about her own mother Erika Connors.

Faith then has to break into the headquarters of the privatized security firm that has absolute control on the City.

And keep on running from the police...

It's a very simple well paced story. Even if it doesn't bring much new to the plate, and is essentially a filler. (that is partially revealed in the game here and there)

But it does a nice job giving some insight into Faith's world. Faith and her sister finally come to term with their family (which is how status quo appears at the start of the game).

It's mostly an origin story, not a necessary one, but well layed out. How Faith got involved with the runners, etc.

Where the comic shines in my eyes is the very clear and slightly stylized look of the art. Matthew Dow Smith is a fine artist for this sort of job. His art can be a bit simplified some times but it gives great readability for the action. And for the parkour.

The trade also features the gorgeous covers done by guest artists Niko Henrichon & Brian Stelfreeze. They really set the tone of this story and are a nice interpretation of Mirror's Edge through their sensibilities.

Overall, it's a pretty neat little Mirror's Edge.

A filler done right.

If you like the game or missed it, this is a great way to have some more Mirror's Edge through another format.

It reads pretty quickly despite its 6 issues and leaves you wanting for more. Which is what it's supposed to!

My only complaint? It's only a shame it's only missing the short Mirror's Edge 2008 Convention Exclusive one shot (issue #0). It was only a couple pages hyping this mini-series but I don't see why they could reprint it here!

I give it:
2.5 / 3 Snoopies!

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