Monday, March 10, 2014

#Blog - What did you do this weekend?!

Hey there everyone!

What did you do this weekend?

Me? I watched what probably was - without a doubt - one of the most fun films I've seen in a while!

You'll believe it when you see it, indeed!

Troll Hunter is a "little" Norwegian film. Done in "found footage" style.

I'm usually not super fan of the genre. For one the genre's been over done in recent years. Following Blair Witch Project, there's been countless cheap clones just to cash-in on the genre. And on the other hand it's a relatively cheap way to produce low budget films, when done the easy way.

But while I'm not a big fan of these countless Rec and Paranormal Activity these last few years, prompting not only a revival of the genre in this post-youtube generation, but also a dozen or so more horror-fount footage films, I kind of like the idea to try exploring other genres through this technique.

Call it a reaction to the First Person/Platformer game Mirror's Edge. I dunno.

I really enjoyed Cloverfield. It was a genuinely fun take on the whole monster movie/kaiju genre. And probably the best attempt to make this cinematic style "epic" and big budget. It also was mostly filmed continuously, with no to very little cuts. That was impressive!

The same way people are now trying to make found footage-based scifi films such as the very fun Chronicle and the upcoming Welcome to Yesterday (pleasedontsuck,pleasedontsuck!!)

Troll Hunter was a really fun adventure/fantasy film following this badass "Troll Hunter" guy, done documentary style. I really loved watching this badass Norwegian hunter talking so seriously about all sorts of trolls, their natural habits and hunting them. Man, talk about fantastic acting! (and it's well worth watching it in its native Norwegian with subtitles - like foreign films always should be watched! - over a translated dub)

The Trolls looked great. They had great CGi, natural animations, with a very refreshing art style compared to the lame monsters Hollywood produces these days.

And such a breath of fresh air from all these oh, so serious grim 'n' gritty movies these days. Or the usual horror-sploitations found in this found footage "genre".

Will we ever get, someday, a found footage/comedy film? I doubt so... but it could be an interesting experiment in a TV Series-setting for one episode, for example.

Can't wait to see other films from the director, André Øvredal.

All in all, watch it! You might enjoy it!

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  1. All I did this week is wait anticipated for J-Stars Victory Vs, which is out next week. Game looks pretty boss, if I say so myself!