Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#AprilFools UPDATED #CartoonHangover NEWS! Leaked storyboards from the upcoming Adventure Time/Bravest Warriors crossover episode

...Confirming the long rumored crossover!

Apparently there's going to be an epic Adventure Time x Bravest Warriors crossover episode.

No words if it's going to be a full Adventure Time episode or shown on youtube as Bravest Warriors. The only thing we know is that both Pendleton Ward/Frederator Studios' shows will cross over. Possibly in a 2-parter episode. And both the Cartoon Hangover original series and the Cartoon Network classic will merge for the time of at least one episode.

Regular characters Finn, Jack, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King and Bravest Warriors' Beth, Wallow, Danny and Catbug are all expected to pop up from the looks of it.

How will that work out, I have no idea...

But for now you can check out these following leaked storyboard from the production:

There's even a couple character sheets around:

Looking great so far!

Hahahahaha! You fools! You dummy, dummy, young and stupid fools! No, really! Haven't you checked out today's date??

UPDATE: Okay! You found me out! Haha! It was fun while it lasted. And from the looks of the hundreds page view on this page, it worked. It worked pretty damn' well.

I had so much ideas for this year's April's Fool, but ended up rushing this.. I originally planned to make a few more pages, another model sheet and even fake a screenshot.. oh, well! 

And sorry for those who have been tricked and more all the more sad because of this whole thing. I guess I didn't drop enough very obvious hints..?


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  2. Fake? Obviously. April Fools... Jake wouldn't be called Jack on a storyboard...

    1. Obviously you were able to see through my very clear obvious scheme~
      Of course actual storyboards always have a couple errors here and there, which I very cleverly did on purpose. Ha ha!

      But I had some very clear SOURCES on this!

  3. LOL seeing jake catbug and danny all farting would be hilarious