Thursday, July 3, 2014

CBR Fionna & Cake

To celebrate the recent new Adventure Time another "Fionna & Cake" episode, let's dig into the show's comic book counterpart!

Written and illustrated by none-other than Fionna & Cake's very own creator, Natasha Allegri!

You know what time is it? It's ADVENTURE TIME!!

Comic title: Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake 
Written & illustrated by Natasha Allegri
Back-ups written & drawn by various guests

Published by Boom! Studios inprint KaBOOM!
From 2013
Lineup Adventure Time series
Format: Trade Paperback collecting Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake #1-6.

Due to the immense of the main Adventure Time on-going series, several other comic book spinoffs series were launched afterwards.

Following the first spin-off mini-series Marceline and the Scream Queens, a second mini was launched on January 2013.

This time written and illustrated by an actual Adventure Time storyboard artist no less!

Since this one revolves around the gender-swapped alternate universe visited quite often these last few seasons on the cartoon, who else but Fionna and Cake creator Natasha Allegri to handle this book?

Like the previous Adventure Time comic series, Fionna & Cake also received several back-up features every issue which are collected in this trade at the end of the book.

Our adventure begins with a short (sad) little tale of a Flame Princess (?) of sorts. (not the regular one from the show, but an altogether different entity)

We find Fionna the Human and Cake the Cat at the Tree Fort, one night during the monsoon rainstorm season. Cake was telling Fionna the tale of that woman made of fire who turned into a volcano... when suddenly some baby fire lions appear on the horizon running away from the Ice Queen! A feral boy in fire is trying to save the pack of fire lion cubs.

Her previous sword broken in a fight (on the show), Fionna ends up having to use Cake's random half-through cheap custom swords... She picks the kitty litter-sword! The Ice Queen is defeated and forced to run away... but not before stealing the cubs and putting an ice crystal inside this Flame Prince's heart! Who gets turned into small living ball of fire! FP can only speak cat, Cake has to translate what he says. Fionna & Cake will go on a quest to find back his lion pack!

Marshall Lee arrives at Tree Fort! He needs Fionna's help. He was on a "Boy's Night" with Prince Gumball (insert innuendos here) when PG got captured and stock in a dungeon located below the Candy Kingdom. Fionna fights some candy demons (no probs!).

Gumball was actually trying to make a brand new magical sword for Fionna. With the ability to grant 3 wishes!

The next day Lumpy Space Prince steals the brand new sword! He just wanted to "upgrade" his face magically to be finally loved by everyone in Lumpy Space...

The Flame Prince is restored back to his normal form - albeit it's only temporary for now. Our heroines Fionna & Cake disguise themselves to infiltrate Ice Queen's kindgom to get the fire lion cubs back and to get IQ to heal the Flame Prince. She sees through their trick during the dinner.

The Prince attacks the Queen, Fionna is set on fire by accident! She's forced to cut off her own hair to save herself from the fire and attack back the Ice Queen with it... The Queen finally takes the crystal shard off FP's heart... surprisingly.

Our epic story fades into... quacks?

It's Fionna & Cake's first foray into the comics and one pretty fun tots mathematical quest for everyone to enjoy!

It's great to get to see these fan-beloved characters on an all-new algebraic adventure, in a different medium!

And it was really great to get this mini-series written and drawn by their own creator! She really gets these character and seemed to be having fun while drawing this! It's hilarious, gorgeous to look at and very fun!

The back-ups were provided by several female indie artists and newcomers to the series. They're all collected here at the end of the trade.

The first one is "Sweater Bandit" written and drawn by Noelle Stevenson. All the sweaters in the land of Aaa have been stolen!! It's a fun little silly tale that gives us some more Fionna & Marshall Lee & Gumball. Silly. And funny!

Next up is "Cootie Power" by Lucy Knisley. When even LSP finds Fionna to stink, you know there's a problem! So much preoccupied with monster-slaying, Fionna never finds the time to take a bath. Problem is... she stinks! But Fionna's awful smell might just save the day... This one was a longer 2-parter, pretty funny and a really enjoyable read in typical bizarre Adventure Time fashion!

In "Sour Candy" written and illustrated by Kate Leth, Lady Lemongrab finds everything to be unacceptable!! And it's unacceptable since it's a special celebration!! I loved this one! Very funny and cartoony, but way too short...

Finally there's also a side-tale by Allegri and Betty Liang. This one is the only side/back-up tale be inserted in the middle of the story and directly connected to the main storyline. It's a short but sweet tale of a water nymph that was saved by a cat long ago. The Ice Queen of course is hinted to have been this very water nymph (and the cat might have possibly been Cake, giving both characters a radically different spin from their main Adventure Time Land of Ooo counterparts).

All great promising artists and talented - well worth a look!

And there's also the usual cover art gallery featuring artists like Jen Bennett, Joe Quinones, Ethan Rilly, Vera Brosgol, Becky Dreisdadt, Stephanie Gonzaga, Zack Sterling, Faith Erin Hicks, Jen Wang and many more! Gorgeous art all around!

Overall, it's a gorgeous looking book with great content. A very fun original story and plenty of fun bonus material.

It's a great addition to any Adventure Time fan's collection! And a very fun all-ages read, easy to get and very new readers-friendly. For newcomers and young readers alike!

Of course you know what this means! This comes Highly Recommended!

I give it:
3 / 3 Snoopies!


  1. Hi! Do you know where can I read the Fire Woman comic? I have been looking for ut for a long time but I can't find it!

    1. What "Fire Woman" comic? Do you mean the above chapters from Fionna & Cake that showed a story taking place in the distant past? In that case, it's just part of the Fionna & Cake story, just find the trade paperback!

      And if you meant the "Flame Princess' comic" - Playing With Fire:
      have a look on Amazon, mycomicshop, milehighcomics or ebay, it's easy to find a copy: