Wednesday, July 9, 2014

RR John Mulaney - The Top Part

Today, I would like to take this occasion to spotlight one of my favorite recent modern stand-up comedians!

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Title: The Top Part 
Comedian John Mulaney 
Release date 2009
Genre Stand-up comedy Album

Already a stand out in the genre and a name to be reckoned with, John Mulaney is a young comedian in his early 30s already making a name for himself and one of the best most talented new comics out there!

Instead of going for the cheap jokes, his act is pure clean comedy in the tradition of Cosby or Seinfeld - some of his favorite inspirations.

In just a few short years, the Chicago-born comedian has first worked as a writer on Saturday Night Live  where he already won several awards during his short tenure as part of the show's staff from 2009 to 2012.

But his success as a stand-up comedian really picked up after playing on Conan and Jimmy Kimmel.

In 2009 John Mulaney released his first a stand-up comedy album via Comedy Central, titled The Top Part. A long dream come true for the young comic.

At glimpse, John Mulaney seems and sounds like a classic old school comedian. His routines are clean and most of his humor comes from hilarious observations.

His material is very original but his humor really stands out thanks to his simple yet effective material and his pitch perfect delivery. Let it be said, John Mulaney has a great presence on stage and a fantastic voice.

The album opens with stories about drinking too much and black out drinking and living in NY and how different it is from where he grew up. Meeting drag queens, reflecting on goth people. Simple day-to-day awkward situations you encounter in life. Nothing you've never heard before, but told with a great sense of humor.

He follows with this hilarious awkward chase through the subway. And follows up with some of his favorites such as an observation regarding crime news and crime TV drama and his personal favorite, Law and Order. How ridiculous and excessive Hollywood has gotten over the years with these million dollars-worth blockbuster movies. His parents. King Solomon. Sports back in his school days.

Some airplane situations are not that far from classic Seinfeld stories.

Mulaney then closes his act with this fantastic closer "Salt and Pepper Dinner" routine, already a sensation and one of the most shared and reblogged comedy bits I've ever seen. A tale of bored kids after school, old drunk annoyed men, a 1 dollar-songs jukebox and Tom Jones!

Overall, it's a very entertaining and Highly Recommended album for all comedy fans!

In a short couple of years, John Mulaney has already become one of the biggest new names in the genre and one of my own favorite comedians from this generation!

He's a brilliant new comedian, who offers clean comedy for a change, material anyone can enjoy!

He released a second special/album back in 2012, titled New In Town  And he's currently working on a sitcom on Fox for this fall season which will be based on his stand-up acts, following his day to day life as a stand-up comedian living in New York. Will this be today's Seinfeld or a bust, only time will tell...

I give it:

3 / 3 Urkels!

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