Sunday, January 18, 2015

Outcast Studios - LIVE DRAW NIGHT January 2015
It's that time again...

This Saturday night was held another one of our usual LIVE DRAW NIGHT drawing jams at the Outcast forums.

Featuring 4 hours of non-stop drawing!

I tried keeping both my deviantArt page and my tumblr account updated all the way through the challenge.

It was fun, it was crazy, lots of neat fun art were produced by all who entered the jam! This time I was actually even in charge of the JAM session!

Here's my usual blog-recap of the evening. You can have a look at my past entries in these following posts:
- LDN February 2011
- LDN May 2011
- LDN September 2011
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- LDN March 2012 

Let's dig into the drawings I made through the night...
It consists in a series of 5 minutes sketches for now. Click on the pics for bigger view:

 Bender from Futurama
 Faora from Man of Steel
Jason Todd from Red Hood and the Outlaws
 90s Lobo
 Classic Nightcrawler
 Rei Ayanami
The All-new Ghost Rider

More 5 minutes sketches.

 Ash J Williams
 Bob, Agent of HYDRA
"Ranko" from Ranma 1/2
Rurouni Kenshin

First: Gender-bended Dark Horse’s dark horses. It’s time to try something different…
You can either make a female version of “X” or make a male Ghost! Just for kicks!
PICK ONE OF THE TWO - you have 25 minutes for this one!

Second one:
Bwa-haha Fusion!!
Imagine a fusion between BLUE BEETLE and BOOSTER GOLD. Got it? Great!
You have 25 minutes for this one!

FINAL HOUR - Hour Four

Imitate another cartoonist art style!

A 50 minutes drawing.

There are two choices here. You can either pick Sergio Aragones’ cartoony style or a more aggressive 1990s Rob Liefeld sketchy style. It’s up to you!
Try matching their general look! Don’t take this too seriously and use the practice to explore something different!


That's all folks!

Hope you enjoyed 'em all!

The next one is not set right now. Another fun practice session, and always a fun time.

You can join in the jam at the outcast studios.

Good Night everybody!~

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