Monday, June 15, 2015

#E3 NEWS! Ryu joins SMASH

Of course I've seen the news, Ryu from Street Fighter will be added to Super Smash Bros. for Wi U! After rumors since as early as April, it has finally been officially confirmed by Nintendo.

Enjoy the reveal trailer:

They're also adding a few others odd paid DLC characters, new stages (including Ryu's classic SF2 stage), new music, etc.

While this is pretty neat, I still have yet to play/buy this game. Heck, I also wanted to try Splatoon and I haven't so far. I mean, I was super hyped for Hyrule Warriors, and I don't even have that one either. I'm not one for "Day 1" releases... Oh, well.

Anyways - it's a nice addition, he looks nice. Like Nintendo actually has some respect for the character unlike Capcom, 'really liked the little nods to the original game. Enjoy his remixed theme song for Smash:

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  1. Along with Mii Fighter costumes from Virtua Fighter and Tekken, it's become a real bawler for representing fighting games! Especially his control scheme, Ryu and Ken's theme by Yoko Shimamura, and new art by Akiman. A good time to be a Street Fighter/Capcom fan! (Now I'm still hoping for Simon Belmont)