Wednesday, November 9, 2016

#Cartoon NEWS! Cartoon Network 2016 #Pilot Season 2016!

It's that time of the year! Time to check on Cartoon Network's last batch of pilots, which they have been regularly airing lately.

A lot of modern classic CN shows from this "renaissance era" of sorts will be coming to an end pretty soon - including Adventure Time in about 2 years, Regular Show at the moment, as well as Gumball and Uncle Grampa. And while Steven Universe's been receiving a pretty solid reception, you never know whenever they might end it as well. So let's see what new creators have to offer, shall we?

Victor & Valentino 

Alright, I wasn't sold on this one right away, I have to admit. But as it went on I really liked this Mexican-ysh take on Gravity Falls. I really dig the whole culture and original aesthetic. This one has the potential to be a really good show with a fun mythology. I also liked the simplistic character designs next to the creatures and those lovely backgrounds. This gets a Thumbs Up from me!

My Science Fiction Project

I wasn't really sold on this one. This isn't my cup of tea personally, but I could see this random show getting pretty popular. It sort of reminds me of zany 2000s Nickelodeon shows. Thumbs Down from me!

Paranormal Roommates, by Benton Connor.

A Regular Show animator, and it shows! I really liked this one. I'm not sure CN would pick it, but it would be a nice replacement for Regular Show! It has a fun sitcom vibe. The art is funny. And that Scottish Loch Ness monster sold me the show! Another Thumbs Up!

Back to Backspace, by Dominic Bisignano and Amalia Levari

I know not a lot of people liked this one - apparently - but it really grew on me as it went along. This crazy world at first glimpse seems to actually have some kind of logic. And I'm intrigued by the main character's backstory to be honest. And the designs were fun too. But the whole CGi background was a bit tiring after a while. While I recognize it's not perfect, I would still give it a Thumbs Up personally.

Infinity Train

Easily the "winner" of this new batch of cartoon pilots in my eyes. Lovely art. Stunning animation. Really fun original premise. And likeable characters. The idea was very reminiscent of that train-dungeon episode from Adventure Time, but it could really work for the basis of an entire series in my eyes. Also, she's voiced by Ellie from The Last of Us, how awesome is that?! And I like how these train wagons can be stretched into different worlds! CN must greenlight this one ASAP!!! Two Thumbs Up from me!

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