Thursday, November 10, 2016

#DeletedScenes - Operation: Aliens #CARTOON

The 1980s were a pretty strange time, when R-Rated proprieties were often turned into Saturday Morning Cartoons. Rambo received a G.I.Joe-esque cartoon surprisingly enough using the same musical score as the films. Paul Verhoeven's classic over-the-top hyper-violent gory R-Rated film RoboCop was made into kids TV. And let's not forget the various others random raunchy films adapted for children like Police Academy...

But did you know Aliens came short of a cartoon of its own, Operation: Aliens, only getting the cartoon-inspired toy line from Kenner?

In 1992, there were plans in motion to turn Alien & Aliens into an animated cartoon. 

Operation: Aliens!

Despite clearly being a tie-in for the release of the definitively mature and not children-friendly Alien³, it would have followed Ripley on various adventures with the Colonial Marines against the Xenomorphs

Kenner immediately launched a tie-in toy line. The show would have feature various characters from the Aliens film - despite being clearly dead by the end of the film - such as Bishop, Vasquez or even Hicks

Think of all this like The Real Ghostbusters

However, 20th Century Fox pulled the plug at the last minute. People note various reasons. Maybe it was too violent for children. Maybe the films that inspired the show were the real issue with parents. 20th Century Fox didn't like how bad Alien 3 turned out, losing them a ton of cash. Or Fox producers just woke up from making too many lines of coke... 

Anyway while the show got scrapped it didn't stop Kenner from releasing their cartoon-inspired toy figurines. 

And even a tie-in card-based boardgame was able to get released! 

And that is all for this cartoon we never got. Was it underdeveloped or unpolished? It might have turned out great. (Maybe better than Prometheus, who knows!)

As it stands it's just a footnote on the long-running Alien franchise...

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