Friday, July 30, 2021

#Blog News Sega Master System game of 2021!


I love the indie scene!

Here's a brand new game for the SMS! Using the all-new engineered KiddEd Alex Kidd engine!

The game is suuuuper fun, I love the visuals and the physics.
Great stuff! My fav game of 2021 is an 8-bit new SMS title. Hahaha!

#Randomz How to Build The DeLorean Time Machine (Feat. Christopher Lloyd) | Expedition Back To The Future

This is the best  video I've seen this entire summer, so far. And I'm not even joking or hyperboling. I even had a few tears - honest - at the end segment.

Enjoy this journey:

Source: Courtesy from the crew at Discovery UK.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

#MovieNEWS GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE — Official Trailer 2 (HD)

I almost forgot that there's a new Ghostbusters movie coming up... (I'd rather have more IDW Ghostbusters comics, tho..)

Here's a brand new trailer showing a lot more of new film:

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is set for release November 11.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

#AnimeNEWS NEW Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Animated Teaser Trailer(DBS 2022 Movie)

 Dragon Ball is back... again. With an upcoming new feature film orchestrated by Akira Toriyama himself. 

We don't have much on the film besides the title, which implies a return to one of Toriyama's favorite tropes, the super (sentai) hero! Which has been going since forever in Dragon Ball (the Great Saiyaman,, Jaco, the Galactic Patrolmen, the Ginyu Force, etc.).

But we got a teaser, indicating a sort of CGi-style animation for this new film:

And some concept arts of what to expect:

#CartoonNEWS Jellystone! | San Diego Comic Con Sneak Peek (Clip) | HBO Max

Straight from the virtual SDCC 2021, here's a first animated look at the weird Hanna-Barbera revival, the upcoming HBO Max’s Jellystone show. Which is basically Yogi Bear & co meets CalArts:

Yeaaaaah. Not sold on the art style. I'll skip this one.

#HorrorNEWS CHUCKY Trailer (2021) SyFy Series

Here's the first proper trailer for the upcoming Don Mancini-produced Chucky trailer! Ignore the reboot, continue this long-running creator-owned horror franchise:

I like what we see so far! Going back to the roots. A simpler start, but we're promised a continuation of Curse and Cult (with the return of Fiona Douriff and co).

The show starts on October 12 on Syfy.

Friday, July 23, 2021

#HorrorNEWS Dead Space – Bande-annonce officielle – EA Play Live 2021

So I guess these rumors are now official. EA is going to remake Dead Space, in a world post-Resident Evil 7/8 and the Resident Evil 2/3 Remakes. As expected. EA is only interested once money is a sure thing.

I truly loved and adored the Dead Space series. But EA already destroyed the original developers, Visceral Games, by forcing them to turn Dead Space into this big scifi epic action game with Dead Space 3. Now they're revamping the original The Thing-inspired body horror that was Dead Space 1?? With a new team?

I'm just saying, wait and see. Be cautious. But they should have brought back the original dev team or allowed their key members to return. Reform Visceral Games. And what's the plan with this remake? To remake all 3 games? Make new Dead Space games after that? Or just a one-off thing while Resident Evil's still pretty hot at the moment?

To summarize: like I said, wait and see. I love the series. But it's still being published by EA. Intrusive DLC did annoy me in Dead Space 3... Let's not even go into their whole shaddy business tactics...

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

#HorrorNEWS Howling Village (2021) Official Trailer

Takashi Shimizu, the creator of Ju-On (The Grudge), is back with a brand new horror film!

It seems to explore familiar tropes of the Japanese horror genre. Which is nice to see him return to after a little exploration on the side with the live adaptation of Kiki's Delivery Service (and producing stuff  like the animated film Resident Evil: Vendetta).

 “After her brother goes missing, Kanade, a young psychologist, visits his last known location, an infamous haunted and cursed site known as ‘Howling Village,’ to investigate his disappearance. Her investigation reveals that the village’s mysteries are connected to her family and works to uncover her family’s dark history.”

Bonus french title/poster.

It's titled Howling Village and seems to explore the same type of yokais and curses:

Directed and co-written (with Daisuke Hosaka) by Shimizu, Howling Village arrives in theaters on August 13 and then heads to on demand on August 17 (and home video on September 14).

Saturday, July 17, 2021

[FR] #Blog #Candysan box unboxing

[English version on my tumblr page]

L'autre jour, j'ai reçu une boite mystérieuse..

C'est une boite "candysan" venu d'#ICIJapon .

Et voici le contenu étrange et unique reçu direct du Japon, inclut un petit mot de la part de Tev, "d'Ici Japon":

Je vais pouvoir tester tout un tas de saveurs mystérieuses les prochains semaines à venir.. ! Comme un jeu de roulette russe en snacks Japonais !

Passer un coup d'oeil sur le site :