Thursday, June 20, 2024

#GamingNEWS Yooka-Replaylee! | Reveal Trailer

 Yooka-Laylee is back! Not with another 3D or 2D game! But a remake?? Of the first not that old-game????

Well, a lot of people did complain back then about the off-physics, the camera, etc. So this is a complete overhaul of the game, from the ground up, new engine, etc. An update wouldn't work.

I'm fine with it, but I guess I kinda expected a new game instead, I like the joke about a new game Newka-Laylee at the end of the trailer. Very Banjo Tooie..

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

#NINTENDOnews some games from this last Nintendo Direct

 A ton of stuff was showed during the last Nintendo Direct! Well, some stuff caught my eyes, including...

Another recent DK game, Donkey Kong Country Returns, is being ported to the Switch. Kinda weird to have this one released after the sequel, but there it is.

Metroid fans have been eating good lately. Re-releases. A new 2D title. And it's time for the new 3D title, it's about darn' time! Prime 4 is here!

While I'm more hyped to see Luigi Mansion 2 re-released outside a handheld system, Mario & Luigi fans rejoiced, the series is back as well! After Mario RPG and Mario vs. Donkey Kong, it's time for Mario & Luigi: Brothership to make a comeback! I admit, I never tried this series...

And finally, my favorite surprise in the bunch... a brand new Zelda game!

Not only that, a "brand new" game, not another port or remake.

Not only that, but using the same artstyle as Link's Awakening! Which is a great idea, it would be dump to not use that style direction for one more game!

And not only that but a game where you play as Zelda! It's truly a Legend of Link instead this time around! She got her own smart gameplay, since Link uses the triforce or courage with his weapons, she uses the triforce of wisedom..and therefore powers based on magic!

AND the gameplay seems to be a mix of the openworld sandbox of the last couple of main Zelda games mixed with the upgrade-gating progression of the classic games. It all sounds pretty interesting.

AND AND AND.. it's already coming this september!! 

I'm all in! Can't wait!!

Monday, June 10, 2024

#GAMINGnews DOOM: The Dark Ages | Official Trailer 1 (4K) | Coming 2025

Here's a big new announcement...

New Doom game coming up, DOOM: The Dark Ages! Coming in 2025 for Xbox GamePass, Xbox Series X|S, PC or PlayStation 5.

Here's the badass teaser:

Can't wait! Looks cool! And I see they're still exploring lore, going back to the past. Am I the only one getting some Quake 1 vibes from this??

Thursday, June 6, 2024

#Design - CustomCoverArt MD Beyond Zero Tolerance, MS Electronic Dreams & MS Silver Sonic The Crystal Islands

 Please! Do not ask for these! This was a personal job, not outsourcing the work to other people. If you want me to work out something for you, I will do so for money only.

Got some repros of unreleased and hacks, so here's some recent custom cover art I made for these projects.


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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

#HorrorNEWS Alien: Romulus | Official Trailer

 Dang.. Is Alien about to get its own revival like Predator with Prey?

Who thought it would be Fede Alvarez, not Ridley Scott, that would resurrect the Alien franchise? It's giving me better vibes than all past films in the series.

Monday, June 3, 2024

#MarvelNEWS Venom: The Last Dance | Official Trailer

 Oh no!!

The trailer for Venom 3 is here! And it looks as dumb as we all expected.

Did you know Sony will have 3 Spider-man-related films up this year? We got Madam Web, we're getting Venom and then Kraven at the end of the year. While Marvel Films had been trying to slow down their release so the audience doesn't get overwhelmed by all the superhero movies. Meanwhile Sony's doing completely the opposite to destroy the brand, I guess...

Friday, May 24, 2024

#MovieNEWS BEVERLY HILLS COP 4 Trailer 2 (4K ULTRA HD) 2024

 So Bad Boys' having a 4th film after all these years? Amateurs..

Here's BEVERLY HILLS COP 4!! HELL YEAH!! And I kinda actually find this trailer pretty good and better than part 3 already.

Bring Axel Foley!!

#MovieNEWS BAD BOYS 4 RIDE OR DIE Final Trailer (4K ULTRA HD) 2024

A 4th Bad Boys!  I kinda dig these dumb Bad Boys films. I actually think the 2nd film's better than the first, much more crazy in its Michael Bay-ism compared to the first one. And the 3rd one was fun and decent, if a bit forgettable.

Here's the new one, Will Smith seems back in the game but I feel like Martin Lawrence's getting a bit tired..?


#MovieNEWS BEETLEJUICE 2 Trailer 2 (4K ULTRA HD) 2024

New Beetlejuice Beetlejuice just dropped...and... I think I like the way this is shaping up.

Winona Ryder is looking wonderful, Michael Keaton didn't skip a beat, and I like the look into the world-building. Was that a death train? Anyways, here's the new trailer:

Movie's coming up sooner than I thought too, september!