Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blue & Gold Super Hero Figurines

Now, I've never been one to collect "figurines" per say.
For one, it is a sort of big investment for those who consider themselves "collectors". And I'm always on a pretty strict budget and all.
And you also need lots of place to pose these kinda figures around your place. And since most of my place is occupied by games/books/movies already...

Also I tend to prefer the actual media than its merchandising.

Aside from the occasional McFarlane toys bought yeaaaars ago, I have almost little to no super heroes hanging around. Now, I've always wanted to at least have a Booster Gold and/or Blue Beetle.
Since I live in the middle of Europe, getting actual official DC Directs figures was pretty out of question. Finding a Batman or Green Lantern in the local comic book store is easy. But when you're a fan of the C-Lister or D-Lister heroes, forget about it!

By chance there's this European collection of superheroes figurines produced & published by eaglemoss.
Now, my uncle's bought lots or almost all of them. (<- if you wanna see some pics of this, just ask!)
But I manage to at least grab a couple of characters I like for m'self.
For this time, here's just Booster Gold and Blue Beetle!!
What I like about these figurines it's that unlike the action figures you usually get with super heroes, these are well crafted and don't take much space in a collection. They're small-sized hand-painted and weigh enough not to drop off your desk.
Or you can, like, keep them in their original boxes which is transparent enough to showcase the characters.

The level of details' been pretty impressive and the colors beautifully rendered, specially on the DC Heroes.
Oh, wait, didn't I tell you, there's also a Marvel Heroes line.

There's currently almost 200 Marvel figurines out. (counting special big sized figurines like Galactus, Rhino..)
DC Comics started its line much later, and is only now reaching its 100 figurines now. (with its specials non-numbered ones as well)
They come out one at the time. People have to either subscribe or go buy them each 2-3 weeks at the newsstand.

They're pretty cool, right?
Enjoy them in their full glory:

I personally don't plan on buying lots of others...
(though my brother wants to collect the whole Shadowpact gang)

They always come with a little magazine that presents the characters, with a little bio of the character, his allies and enemies, etc..

I just couldn't not have the Blue & Gold duo! (though the whole JLI...mmmh..)
I like how they don't just make the big characters that appeared on cartoons/movies/videogames/whatever.. There's plenty of B and C-listers showcased in this series!

Badass shot for the finale?!

Aaaaaand one more to go:

If you liked these, be sure to check out this French guy's website, featuring his collection and all the latest updates regarding this collection.

I'll probably make more posts about these if you guys and gals demand it!

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