Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#Blog - Hey Eyz! Whatcha gonna watch this season? [2017-18 Edition!]

It's that time of the year again, it's time to recap a new season of TV and digital series!

I've been cutting down on a lot of shows this past year. I dunno, I lost a lot of interest in most drama TV shows. Meanwhile a lot more cartoons have caught my attention recently. Let's have a look...

ANGIE TRIBECA One of my favorite recent shows. It's a summer series, which means season 3 just ended this past June. I sincerely hope we get a 4th one!

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE One of my favorite current series! Another fantastic comedy! Season 5 will start on September 26.

CON MAN Alan Tudyk's crowdfunded webseries had a terrific 2nd season. More recently, the series had its television debut on Syfy on September 9! Can't wait to see this one return as well.

LOVE Judd Apatow's new show had 2 great seasons, and it has been renewed for a third season on Netflix!

MASTER OF NONE Aziz Ansari's series had such a fantastic 2nd season, no news on a third year so far.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Tiny Fey & Ellie Kemper's hilarious New York comedy show was renewed for a 4th season. No news yet.

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH The best post-apocalyptic comedy will return for a fourth season that will premiere on October 1st.

MAKING HISTORY I loved Phil Lord and Chris Miller's new time travel comedy... but it was sadly was cancelled after one season. Like I predicted in last year's post...

SON OF ZORN Speaking of Lord and Miller's second show on Fox... also canned. Sigh.

SILICON VALLEY Meanwhile everyone's favorite tech nerds, they were renewed for a fifth season, and it will premiere in 2018 - with a bit less T. J. Miller since he was busy with Deadpool 2.

LOUIE The show is officially on hiatus, because Louis CK doesn't really wanna make more... for now.

BETTER THINGS Don't be too sad, though, Louis has another show on the air he currently produces. Long time Louis CK regular (Lucky Louie & Louie) Pamela Adlon now has her own FX show! It premiered last year, season 2 starts tomorrow on September 14.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World This sounds fun! It's an upcoming comedy starring Jason Ritter (aka the voice of Dipper on Gravity Falls). A fantasy-drama-comedy about angels. It will debut on October 3.

FUTURE MAN A new comedy from Seth Rogen, who won't star as the main characer by the way, in case you ask. A janitor who is super-good at video games and chosen to save the future... Like a modern-day comedic take on The Last Starfighter. It begins on November 4 on Hulu.

THE ORVILLE Seth MacFarlane's Star Trek parody show does look somewhat promising for some fun retro scifi-goodness. Maybe better than the actual new show Star Trek: Discovery. It was launched with a 2-parter on September 10 and will then start properly on September 21. Despite MacFarlane, it does feel like an honest-to-goodness fun loving retro Trek show "on the cheap".

Me, Myself & I Another new comedy, following the life of "Alex Riley" at different points of his life. It mostly has a great cast (Jaleel White!) and looks fun already. Begins on September 25.

GHOSTED This one I'm really looking forward. It's like a fun mix of X-Files and MIB, with the supernatural. It's also Craig Robinson and Adam Scott's new show, so I cannot wait to see them back on screen! It begins on Fox on October 1, right on time for Halloween month.

Live Action Drama
MR. ROBOT This fantastic hacking/Fight Club series featuring Rami Malek and an imaginery Christian Slater (and Alf??) will return for a 10-episode third season on October 11.

TWIN PEAKS The long-awaited 3rd season, or "Twin Peaks: The Return" ended just recently on a mind-bending note. And now there are rumors we might get more if David Lynch & Mark Frost feel like it. I'm sure Showtime will gladly finance more, specially after announcing a record number of subscriptions to their streaming service following the return of Twin Peaks.

BRAINDEAD I meant to watch this one, but it has already been cancelled! I guess we'll never get to see the show to its full potential (the invasion was set to take place in season 2 properly!!).

THE DARK TOWER Following the release of the feature film, a TV series is still expected to follow up. It will fill the backstory for the film, based on The Gunslinger with a new young actor to portray young Roland. No news so far. Was it canceled following the critical reception of the film? Which leave me with no contender for a proper scifi show this year...

STRANGER THINGS Season 2 of the hit Netflix series will be released on October 27!!! AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR MY YEARLY DOSE OF 80S NOSTALGIA!!

ASH VS EVIL DEAD There's been some delays of Bruce Campbell's awesome return to the screen. I don't think we'll get it on time for this year's Halloween, sadly...

STAN AGAINST EVIL While Bruce Campbell's nowhere to be seen just yet, "Dr. Cox from Scrubs'" similarly horror comedy-themed series will be back with a vengeance for a second season on November 1.

CHANNEL ZERO The best surprise last year, SyFy's anthology miniseries will return on September 20 with "The No-End House". A second miniseries, this time overseen by Mick Garris.

THE STRAIN I'm putting this in for a reminder for myself. The show will be back for its fourth and final season on September 27... But I kinda lost interest in this one...

FRIDAY THE 13TH No news if this is ever going to be made, afterall. Sean S. Cunningham was on board and back in control of his creation. At some point the new show, which would nowadays finally revolve around Jason Voorhees, was even at some point being developed by The CW... As of today? No idea..

CRITTERS This revival miniseries is now officially cancelled.. Another "sigh"...

THE WALKING DEAD Where are we? Season 8?? I need to catch up on this show.. TWD's season 8 will premiere this October 22.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD This is still going? The mid-season replacement has now fully become a parallel show to the main series. And it will return for season 3 on October 15.

DC'S ARROW Let's round up the DCCWverse. Arrow is back for season 6 on October 12. Expect Deathstroke's return and no more annoying flashbacks!

DC'S THE FLASH Speaking of "flash", Barry will return for season 4 on the same day! Two CW heroes on the same night? I'm smelling crossovers! Apparently The Flash won't face a speedster this year, and it'd about time!

DC'S SUPERGIRLThe girl of steel is right at home now that's she's also on The CW. Season 3 will begin on October 9.

DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Rip Hunter & co had a much better 2nd season. Hopefully season 3 continues to build upon this fun time travel series. Season 3 will start on October 10.

DC'S BLACK LIGNTNING When will they stop?! This year will see the addition of Black Ligntning to the CW's DC lineup. For now it's not announced as part of the Arrowverse, but they said they're open to it eventually. It will premiere in 2018 as a mid-season replacement for a 13 episode run.

DC'S VIXEN Even CW's attempt at an animated series is expected to return! I kinda wish they could just do these in live action, though...

DC'S CONSTANTINE While Constantine will finally return - YAY! - he will actually be animated this time. That's right, like Vixen, Constantine will received an animated miniseries on The CW Seed later this year.

POWERLESS Canned. And I was starting to really get into it, after a rough start...

LEGION I admit, I lost track of this one despite its great popularity. It's still going strong and lots of people love it. I just.. didn't get into it.

THE GIFTED Fox's answer to Marvel and DC shows. Another new X-Men tie-in series around a new team of young kids discovering themselves super-powers. Bryan Singer producers and directs the pilot. They will finally feature some fan-beloved mutants like Polaris and Blink. Wait and see Octover 2.

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD This one had a terrific 4th season, thanks in part for the addition of the supernatural and the Ghost Rider. Also I feel like breaking the show down to smaller mini-arcs really helped the writing, respectively titled "Ghost Rider", "LMD" and "Agents of Hydra". Season 5 is expected late 2017.

MARVEL'S INHUMANS After lukewarm reception on the big screen with the IMAX debut on September 1, don't expect much from the live action series set to premiere on ABC on September 29, even if it's an 8-episode miniseries.

MARVEL'S DAMAGE CONTROL No news regarding a pilot. Canned like Most Wanted...?

MARVEL'S CLOAK AND DAGGER This new Marvel show is expected for a 10-episode 1st season which will premiere in 2018.

MARVEL'S THE DEFENDERS How fun was Defenders? I'm really asking since I haven't caught up to that just yet. No idea if this gets a second miniseries or other crossovers (Heroes for Hire anyone?).

MARVEL'S JESSICA JONES They're filming a 2nd season expected to be released in 2018.

MARVEL'S DAREDEVIL Season 3 might feature Kingpin's return and Bullseye. And it was originally set to be released in 2017 but it was moved to early 2018 because of the Defenders.

MARVEL'S LUKE CAGE They're filming season 2 set to be released in 2018.

MARVEL'S IRON FIRST Nobody liked Danny Rand's debut. Internet nerds are calling random reasons like whitewashed castings and whatnot, I just found the guy a bad actor and boooooring. A a second season was ordered for 2018. Can't we simply mash Luke Cage and Iron First into a single show instead??

MARVEL'S THE PUNISHER This Daredevil spinoff has completed shooting and it's set to be released later this year.

MARVEL'S RUNAWAYS A new MCU show that will start on November 21 on Hulu. Based on the eponymous comics from Bryan K. Vaughan. It feels and looks like the complete opposite of Inhumans so far. Fun and colorful.

MARVEL'S GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY This GOTG catoon is actually pretty good and fun, after an off-putting first glance. It actually uses a lot of fun retro songs and much of the same spirit as James Gunn's movies. Plus it's actually closer to the 2000s GotG comic book run with J'son of Spartax, Cosmo and more!

MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN The new Spider-man cartoon is off to a great start. Blending the comedy and youthful tone of the recent bland Ultimate cartoon with the art, animation and writing of the fantastic Spectacular show from a few years back.

THE TICK (2016) After a fantastic pilot, half of the first season was released through Amazon on August 25. And I can't wait for the rest!

TMNT (2012) I admit I just dropped this one. It got... bland for my tast. But I just found out it was just renamed "Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", the 5th and last season started on March 19 and it's still going on. Well, at least there's still the great IDW comics!

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Don't be too sad for TMNT, they already announced a replacement, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No much info so far, aside from the rumor it will probably be 2D instead of CGi. And so far some either think it will simply be a 2D continuation of the 2012 show while others think it's gonna be a Teen Titans Go-style comedy take.. Wait and see!


WABBIT Already replaced. Most episodes were actually released on home video before airing, so they might not even bother with the rest...

ADVENTURE TIME The show is finally on its last season after all these years. Man.. It's gonna be weird the show ends. I already can't believe Regular Show's over... It's currently on hiatus, but come September 17 the last batch of episodes will start....

STEVEN UNIVERSE Season 5 began in May and immediately went on hiatus.. Trying to catch up with Venture Bros. hiatus I suppose...

CLARENCE Currently on hiatus as well. Season 3 will be the show's last as well..

MICKEY MOUSE A fantastic show! Currently in the middle of its 3rd season.

DUCKTALES (2017) After a fantastic first "TV movie" pilot episode, the actual show begins September 23. I can't wait for this best reboot I've seen in ages!

Milo Murphy's Law Another cartoon that also was on hiatus... but it's finally back on September 25!

Star vs. the Forces of Evil The show was renewed for a 4th season, but it has also been stuck in hiatus since the great TV movie "The Battle for Mewni"... I can't wait to see what happens next!!

Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Rumors are this one's already cancelled. They made 2 entire seasons, but no new episode as aired since a long while and they only aired season 1... Are they already replacing it with another version? I personally ditched it early on...

THE SIMPSONS Season 29 (!!!) starts October 1st!! How are the Simpsons still going on?!?

Disenchantment I actually cannot wait for Matt Groening's upcoming new show. It will launch on Netflix sometime in 2018.

RICK AND MORTY Season 3 is currently slowly coming to an end by October 1st.

MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES Season 3 aired this summer. And it was just as hilarious as always! Already renewed for a 4th season.

VENTURE BROS. Who knows when this will ever return!! Going for the longest hiatus world record I guess... BUT The show was renewed for a seventh and eighth season to consist of ten episodes each.

ROBOT CHICKEN The show officially ended in 2014 after 7 seasons.. but then it was brought back for an 8th one. No idea on the current status.. Are more episodes planned or is it definitively over?

SONIC BOOM People have really been enjoying this show. And I admit, I meant to finally go back and watch the show for a look. Currently a first season of 52 episodes aired and they're in the middle of season 2.

Mighty No. 9 A CGi movie and an animted series based on this infamous kickstarted game are in place. No word if it's on after the reception of the game... Let's call it "canceled".

STAR WARS REBEL The 4th and final season will start on October 16. Will it be replaced by a new Star Wars show?

DRAGON BALL SUPER Still going strong, and better than ever, in its 5th arc "Universe Survival".

----And that is all for this year, personally! Which is already enough in my eyes. I'm probably drop half of the above... we'll see!

And you, what are you all looking for this year?

Comments below, so let's hear them! 

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