Friday, February 23, 2018

#GamingNEWS Bardock & Broly join Dragon Ball FighterZ as DLC!

The first upcoming DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ  is.. pretty decent, and exactly as expected! Although I fear for what's coming next instead of fun, original and creative additions...

As they've been long-rumored, the first duo of DLC characters joining the fighting game are Bardock, Son Goku's dad, and Broly, the legendary OC super saiyajin! And I love the fact Bardock's getting a SSJ attack like his recent TV special from a couple of years back.

They say how Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 players will get a free  Android 21 while Dragon Ball FighterZ can unlock a new Supreme Kai lobby character & stamp by owning both games!

And the tiny newsbit on the bottom left cornermentions an upcoming DLC adding the original Dragon Ball theme songs in the game - Makafushigi, Cha-La, and Dan Dan from GT (!!). But I'm fairly sure this will remain a Japan-exclusive DLC, sadly...

I can't wait to have Bardock in the game! So I can play with my Goku-not-Goku team of Goku/Bardock/Black!

More female characters next time, please? It's such a sausage-fest right now.. (Gimme Videl! Or DB!Chi Chi! Or Caulifla! Or Goku's mom... etc.)

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