Sunday, March 11, 2018

#GamingNEWS Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes - Gameplay Reveal Trailer (Nintendo Direct)

Suda51 is finally back!!!

And Travis Touchdown along with him!!!!!

Travis is back in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes! A new and long awaited 3rd episode in the meta/parody game series No More Heroes! I see a lot of hate online and on the youtube comments (but then again.. it's youtube comments, what would you expect?). But this seems to be more of the same crazy Suda. People fear a minigame compilation and complain about the lack of 3rd person adventure.. but did they play NMH2? That wasn't the focus of the game. Nor of most Suda's games. It's about fun and playing with gaming as a whole. I expect this to follow in the footsteps of his last few games like Kill is Dead.

Looks beautiful, great, colorful and fun!

I can't wait!!

(Dang.. I got to get a Switch now??)

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